February 11, 2010 Issue


Gaskin on Christians’ role

Dear Editor:

Let me start by saying that my love of God is my own personal relationship with him, it may not be the same as some of my other Christian counterparts as each of us have our own unique relationship with God that is what is so wonderful about him and while I am in support of Mr Logue’s letter I must say that I believe that Christians have sat back way too long and they should have rallied together a long time ago.

All of us believers are guilty of being complacent and allowing the minority of this country’s population to get their way (I say that with the belief that atheist are the minority in our country).



All of us sat quiet and allowed God to be taken from everywhere and if all Christians’ don’t stand united it will continue to happen and the sad part is that the damage that has been done thus far will probably never be reversed.

Before long we will see no signs of God in any public places, it has already started. Before long all traces of our beliefs, the very beliefs that our country was founded upon will be gone forever.

People will argue that our country was not founded on a belief in God but go to any town in this country on Sundays and you will see differently If you look back on our historical documents you will see otherwise, take a look at some of the following: George Washington’s farewell address; The United States Constitution; The Mayflower Compass; The Gettysburg Address; the Declaration of Independence; even the money we spend every day has God on it just to name a few.

When our president the highest office in this country takes his oath of office he does so with his hand on the Holy Bible. I am not saying that Christians need to force feed our beliefs on anyone but our beliefs need to be protected and respected the same as anyone else.

Non believers of God want to remove God from all things, they don’t want to compromise or respect our beliefs yet on a daily basis we are forced to put up with others beliefs and political correctness out of fear of offending someone so why do Christians not receive that same respect?

The answer is because we do not demand it. Madalyn Murray O’Hair the atheist leader and president of The American Atheists Organization who was murdered in 1995 pretty much single handedly had prayer removed from our schools in 1963. Ms O’Hair demanded what she wanted and got it.

If Christians in this country were as passionate about what we want and if we really want to make a difference then before you go to the polls take a good look at the person you are voting for, ask them if they believe in God and ask them what are they going to do to protect your Christian rights once they get in office, start writing letters to the ones who are already in office and let them know how you feel and where you stand on these issues, don’t be afraid of offending anyone because I can promise you that atheists are not afraid of offending us.

We have to put pressure on our government just like the atheist put pressure on them and being complacent and waiting for our government to do the right thing will certainly never get us anywhere. I honestly believe that we are a sad people if we have nothing to believe in and nothing to fear, and if we have neither of these then what stops us from doing horrible things to each other, just take a look at the local news each day and we can see what living without the fear of God is doing to people. We need God in this country now more than ever and rather than trying to push him out we need to be inviting him in and asking him to protect us.

Ms. Tamera D. Gaskin


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