February 4, 2010 Issue


God has already blessed us

Dear Editor:

This past week the president gave his State of the Union address and as all presidents have done in the past, he ended his speech with the phrase “and God bless America.” Immediately following his speech the Republican party gave its rebuttal and ended that speech with “and God bless America.” The very next day the president spoke at the Republican retreat and ended that speech with the same expected phrase, “and God bless America.”

I don’t know about everybody else, but I am sick and tired of hearing this phrase, especially from our politicians. The hypocrisy of the phrase overwhelms me and hearing it from our national “leaders” disgusts me. The same people that have pushed prayer from our schools and want the Ten Commandments removed from all government offices always end their speeches with “and God bless America.”



The reason I am so tired of hearing the phrase “God bless America” is because He has! God has blessed this nation from its beginning. The fundamentals of His teachings on morality, living together, being successful as a society, and happy as a person, are the basis for this nation becoming the greatest nation in the world even while it is also one of the youngest nations. He has blessed us with an overabundance of natural resources and with diverse groups of people that bring different skills and ideas to our society. Our nation is made up of people from every nationality and every background imaginable, but the two basic fundamentals the majority of us have in common are 1) we’re all Americans and 2) we’re all Christians with the same beliefs in God and the importance of our religious heritage and its influence on the success of our nation and its absolute importance on our nation’s future.

I think it is now time for us as Christian and God-believing Americans to stand up and change the idea of “God bless America” to “America bless God.” He has done His part from the beginning and it’s now time for us to come together and show our appreciation for all He has blessed us with. We never hesitate to ask God to bless us when there is a tragedy or we have a national disaster but we fall miserably short on showing our appreciation and thanks.

“America bless God.”

Understand the absolute necessity of maintaining our religious heritage for the future and success of our nation. Alienating ourselves from our religious belief and heritage will be a much greater disaster than any economic downturn or natural disaster and will ultimately destroy us as a nation.

The time is now for all good people to stand together and overlook all of our petty differences and realize we are Christian Americans and show our commitment to the primary reason for our happiness and success.

We put it on our money, we end all critical speeches with it and we go to it when we have disasters but now we need to change our attitude and our approach from God bless America and show our commitment to the One that has brought us to this point. It’s time for America to bless God and I am confident He will continue to bless us as He always has.

Rusty Logue


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