January 28, 2010 Issue


Jackson calls for change

Dear Editor:

This old world, once so full of people. Once honored by the world. Now like a widow this world has fallen from better for worst. Not by itself, because of the people of the world.

No love, no peace, no happiness. There are so many lost souls in the world today. People, wake up! If you can remember years ago, people were like ants preparing for hard times. They worked together, built together, stayed together, managed together. What’s wrong now? Stop looking down on one another, people of God! There wouldn’t be so many homeless people if their family would’ve taken them in. If you had a mom with the definition of mother and a dad of the definition of father, you had the best.

No matter how little or how much you had, it was good because through prayer mom and dad made it the best. Let’s do something right for once. Take your family off the streets. Make a difference in your family life.

Friends, pick up a friend. Neighbors, be neighborly. Kids, hold hands. Preachers, hear your flock crying, be better teachers, listeners and watchers. Get out and be overseers for Christ and pull more souls in.

Charlotte Jackson



Blocker family thanks supporters

Dear Editor:

Mike and I would like to thank everyone that participated in the benefit lunch held at Lamb’s Chapel United Methodist Church on Jan. 9. We also want to give thanks for the donations and tickets that were purchased.

God has been so gracious to send so many caring people to help with the event.

Love In Christ,

Mike and Janet Blocker
and children

Business supports Haitian orphanage

Dear Editor:

Together, with your help we are sending $1,400 to Haiti. This is 20 percent of last Saturday’s sales plus a little extra donation someone gave. Thank you for your support! We are sending this money to an orphanage operated by our church. This orphanage relies on donations for normal day to day operations and all labor is on a volunteer basis. It was started about five years ago by a native and has continued with support from the United States and Canada. The building sustained substantial damage and this money will help with repairs and touch many lives! Thanks again for helping make this happen! All of us at Jay’s. Jay Bullock
Jay’s Hardware and Building Center
Dutch House Restaurant and Bakery


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