January 21, 2010 Issue


Sludge is dangerous

Dear Editor:

Addressing the issue of land application of municipal and industrial sewage:

First I would relate to you the true story of one of our neighbors on the Pangborn Road, Lynden, Washington.

When we first challenged the permit renewal next to our farm, my tall skinny Dutch neighbor came to us and asked me, “Why are you challenging the permit?” My response was, “We’re all sick, our cows are sick and we are sick!” My neighbor’s response was, “Well, I’m not sick!” I replied, “How do you know?” My neighbor laughed and said, “Well, I know when I’m sick!” “Okay,” I replied. “Did you check your blood cells?” He said, “Yes, they are fine.” Again I challenged him. “Did you check your thyroids?” “Ya, ya it’s fine!” “Okay, did you check your immune system?” “Yes,” he replied. “Okay,” I again challenged. “Where did you send your test?” “Well, I didn’t!” “I know you hadn’t, because there are only three places in the United States that are able to do this!”

Of course this was 15 years ago and now more labs are able to do this. One chocks this off to “I’m getting older, or I’ve been working hard and not getting enough sleep!” When in fact, you are sick and don’t know it!

One of these contaminants will give you hypothyroidism, which come form Organotin. Organotin comes from industry cleaners and toilet bowl cleaners. Hypothyroidism will hit all your major organs. These contaminants do permanent damage to humans at 2 ppt. after 48 hours of exposure. They damage the immune system, the thyroid and the blood cells.

Two parts per trillion (ppt) is the equivalent of two tablespoons of contaminant in the middle of a 1,600 A parcel!

So what is the problem? With these contaminants you are considered expendable! (See: 40 CFW 503 preamble).

If the wind is blowing 7 mph downwind, these contaminants will move 1,326 feet per minute! These materials will kill you!

Fluoride, chlorine, bromine and iodine are halogens, which go up into the air with other contaminants at 50 degrees Fahrenheit and will travel downwind. These materials are deadly!

So, why should anyone be concerned? If you believe its okay to kill your neighbor, I guess this is not a problem. However, if you believe in protecting the environment then you need to stand up and be counted!

There is a saying, “That when I was asked to help, I did nothing, and the next time these materials came to me.” So will you listen and realize what these materials can do to humans?


Linda Zander
National President of
Help for Sewage Victims
803 E. Main St.
Everson, WA 98247



Gordy spells out political theory

Dear Editor:

It is politically incorrect to spell out my theory about the cause for the meltdown of Wall Street and the ensuing job layoffs and other economic panicking here and abroad.

However, at the risk of offending the many liberals who read your newspaper, here goes:

The Zurich Gnomes or the high rollers…the large investors…picked up their marbles and left Wall Street when it became apparent that Democratic candidate Obama was going to be the next president of the White House.

These investing pros saw the socialist agenda that would be coming from Capitol Hill following the inauguration of Mr. Obama and the Democratic majority in both houses of Congress.

However, even these Wall Street professionals and John Q. Public couldn’t predict the financial payoffs that have taken place to lure various U.S. senators to vote for the Health Care Bill since the filibuster-proof liberal Senate was seated in January 2009.

The reconciliation of the House and Senate versions of the health care legislation is being carried on behind closed doors.

Bits and pieces of the new version are leaking out and are being published and broadcast.

No doubt, the most blatant example of political chicanery has taken place between the Obama forces and Sen. Nelson of Nebraska.

Talk about bringing home the bacon! Mr. Nelson’s yes vote was secured for a deal that may be ruled unconstitutional. Eventually, under the payoff to Sen. Nelson and his home state of Nebraska, the Cornhusker State will see the entire cost of Medicaid paid for by taxpayers from the other 49 states.

That reminds me of the forty-niners and the gold rush. Mr. Nelson’s state is not the only state’s man in D.C. that is getting a deal for a yes vote on the bill, but he deeper one digs, the worse it gets on this controversial Washington “product.”

Talk about a sweetheart deal!

As you can see, Mr. Nelson under the deal has not brought home the bacon. He’s brought home the gold.

Eat your heart out, Gov. Swarzenegger! Oh, to be a forty-niner again what with the price of gold now.

Republican Gov. Swarzenegger originally supported the health care bill, but after he smelled the Nebraska stink, he reversed himself on the health care bill and the Californian now opposes it.


Bob Gordy

Action Partners thank supporters

Dear Editor:

The Glascock County DFCS along with the staff and Board of Directors of Glascock Action Partners, Inc., would like to take this opportunity to express a sincere thank you to Glascock County for their support this past Christmas season with the Project Helping Hands program.

Many children in Glascock County were able to experience a very bright and memorable Christmas because of the generosity of caring and compassionate people like you. Our churches, businesses and many individual community citizens really came through with their donations from their heart for the children. It’s great to live in a community where neighbors love and take care of each other.

Again thank you and may God bless each of you. Best wishes for a wonderful New Year 2010.

Sincerely, Wanda Davis
Executive Director GAP, Inc.
Tamicka Butts
Social Services Specialist
Glascock County DFCS

Wrens Optimists thank supporters

Dear Editor:

We at the Wrens-North Jefferson Optimist Club and the Jefferson County High School Octagon Club are excited and overwhelmed with joy.

We thank God for making it possible through him to allow the local churches, local businesses, doctors and individuals, the ones that want their names to remain anonymous and fundraisers from barbecue chicken/catfish chowder sales to make “Toys for Tots” a success.

“Friends of Youth” is our motto and we strive to make a difference in the lives of children.

We thank you so much for your contribution and may God bless you.

With warmest regards and Happy New Year, Ralph Jordan
The Wrens-North Jefferson
Optimist Club

Pinkston gives a family man homage

Dear Editor:

In the 1960s and 1970s some or many elder citizens may remember an honest tradition family man who was extremely passionate about a respectable trade that left a tremendous impact on the family that he loved and a town that he so deeply cherished. His name was Thomas Pinkston. His trade was plumbing, heating and electrical. His town was Louisville. You know the old adage “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree?” Well, it’s not surprising that all eight of Thomas’ sons developed a passion for the plumbing business.

Seven out of eight of them had the privilege of going out with their father to various households throughout Louisville. They went with him not because they wanted to but because their father said so. Thomas wanted his sons to learn the meaning of hard work, great work ethic, and the need to always help others. Thomas’ youngest son, Tyrone Pinkston, did not get a chance to work under the apprenticeship of his father. He was only 4 years old when his dad passed away in 1978. However, that did not stop him from fulfilling his dream to become just like his father.

It can be enormously difficult for a young child to grow up not knowing much about his father. Tyrone never knew how he looked nor was he aware of his father’s characteristics. He could only gather as much information as he can from his mother, Nellie, and his siblings to help form an image in his mind of a devout man that he has come to idolize. Since Tyrone never got the opportunity to work with his father, he made up for it by working alongside his brothers during his teen years.

He worked on the weekends, during the summer, and even mentored others to appreciate this “gifted” plumbing trade. After Tyrone graduated from high school, he moved to Atlanta and held various plumber assistant jobs. It was with his last employer that Tyrone decided to take a leap of faith. He figured since he had all the applicable skills and dedication to become a full-fledged plumber, he decided to run his own plumbing business in 2006. He named it A-Thomas Plumbing in 2008. What better way to pay respect to a father that a son never knew?

My husband, Tyrone, is a terrific family man and a great overall person who reminds me of the father-in-law that I also never knew or met. He treats people the way he expects to be treated and it’s reflected in his work and family life. He is truly in his father’s shadow and everyone who knows him can attest to it. On behalf of our family, friends and business associates, I’d like to congratulate my husband, Tyrone Pinkston, who successfully earned his Master Plumber (Unrestricted) license last month. He further plans to pursue other endorsements to gradually grow the business. His dream of becoming an entrepreneur plumber is something that he’s looked forward to since learning of the “gift” that runs in the family’s veins. Tyrone has two sons, Tyrone Jr. and Tyrell. Hopefully, they too can pay homage to their father who, just like their grandfather, is also an honest traditional family man who adores a respectable trade that will eventually make an impact on his family that he loves so much and his hometown that he will always cherish.

Keisa Pinkston


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