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May 13, 2010 Issue

Lighting the way
Inmate runs from courthouse
Wadley to hold Mayfest next weekend

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Lighting the way

By Carol McLeod
Staff Writer

The 16th annual Jefferson County Relay for Life came to a close Saturday, May 8, at 2 p.m.

Organizers released 50 balloons, some purple, the others white, into the air. Some of the balloons had messages attached. The purple ones were in memory of someone who had died from cancer. The white ones were in honor of someone with cancer or who had survived cancer.


Vicky McDonald and her daughter, Jennifer Davis, co-chaired the event this year. This was the first time the county’s Relay was chaired by a mother-daughter team.

McDonald said the idea was Chris Dube’s. Dube had been the chair in prior years but stepped down.

“He and I had talked,” McDonald said. “I stepped up as chair and I would need a co-chair. He suggested my daughter. He said a mother-daughter team would be good.”

Her daughter first said, “Mama, I don’t know about that.”

Now, Davis said she’s already looking ahead.

“I’m actually looking forward to doing it again next year,” she said.

McDonald said there were 12 teams active in this year’s Relay. Four of the teams were new.

“Louisville Middle School – I was just really excited about them coming on board this year,” she said. Another new team, Run for Your Life, was a team made up of employees at Thermo King.

“They came on six weeks ago so they did excellent coming on that short a time,” McDonald said.

A new church team was The Believers from Canaan Galilee Baptist Church.

Another new team was Lynne’s Family and Friends Fight Like a Girl.

McDonald said she hopes to co-chair next year’s Relay with her daughter.

“I’m just driven,” she said about her involvement with the event. “I don’t have to think about it. I know I’m going to do it.”

At the closing ceremony, McDonald recognized several teams.

First State Bank won for most money raised by a bank; Wrens Middle School won most money raised by a school.

The Survivors Choice Award went to The Seekers. Best campsite went to Queensborough National Bank. Team spirit went to Disciples for Life. Individual spirit went to Cathy Stone. Most money raised by a team went to First State Bank, third place; Wrens Middle School, second place; and Lynne’s Family and Friends Fight Like a Girl, first place.

The total amount raised this year was $64,764.68.

Lisa Bryant with the American Cancer Society office in Augusta said everyone worked really hard this year. She said Jefferson County has had a tough year.

McDonald echoed that and pointed out the county’s high unemployment rate.

“Co-chairing the event this year was an experience,” Davis said.

“I’ve always been on the committee. I enjoyed being the co-chair this year. I enjoyed being my mom’s assistant and doing this with her. There were certain days she would be bossy and certain days I would be bossy,” she said.

“I think it went real well,” McDonald said. “With the economy like it is, I was real pleased with what we raised. I’d be glad for whatever we get. Because every little bit helps. I was very proud of my team members, committee members and everybody in the community. Jefferson County never lets us down. They just really came together and were really supportive.”

Davis said she understands that a lot of people in Jefferson County are burned out with the Relay.

“A lot of teams are tired but I just feel like if we give up and quit having Relay all together, if we quit, then we let cancer win. I just urge everybody to come out and support the Relay for Life next year so that one year we can win the battle,” she said.

Inmate runs from courthouse

By Carol Mcleod
Staff Writer

Friday, April 30, a man facing charges of burglary and aggravated assault jumped off the landing outside the courthouse door and ran from officers.

The man was identified as Kentrail L. Boyd of Louisville.


Sgt. Jon Hills, a deputy with Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, said about 30 inmates from the county jail were scheduled for court Friday. Usually, officers transport 10 inmates at a time, Hills said.

“I was halfway to the van when Sgt. Julian Foley came out the door at the courthouse with this particular gentleman. It looked like the inmate tripped,” he said.

Instead, Hills said Boyd jumped from the top step outside the courthouse and kicked off his leg irons.

“I don’t know if they weren’t put on correctly but they came off when he was up in the air,” he said.

Hills said Boyd then started running down the hill.

“I was chasing him on foot,” Hills said.

“Two Louisville city workers were in a city vehicle and cut him off in the road because they saw me chasing him. He ran into the woods, or real thick over brush. One of the city workers went in after him. We thought we had him,” Hills said.

Instead, they had the man’s orange county jumpsuit.

“So by now the inmate was in his underwear and a T-shirt. No socks or shoes. He had on shower shoes but he jumped out of those at the courthouse. He ran through the woods in his bare feet,” Hills said.

“I don’t know why he did what he did. It didn’t make sense. He had been charged with aggravated assault and he had a burglary charge. When he was out on bond for the aggravated assault charge, he committed burglary. There was a plea agreement but the judge had not finalized that. He had not officially pled before the judge and Judge (Kathy) Palmer had not officially accepted the plea yet,” he said.

“Sgt. Chip Evans and Cpl. Tim Moore were on road patrol and heard the call. Tim’s the one who took him back into custody. Their response time was real quick,” Hills said. Evans and Moore are deputies with JCSO.

“The city workers with Louisville did a real good job. With their help and the help of some other citizens we were able to locate and recapture the inmate more quickly than we otherwise could have,” Hills said.

The deputy said Boyd now faces an obstruction charge, which is a misdemeanor.

Wadley to hold Mayfest next weekend

Carol McLeod
Staff Writer

Wadley will hold its first Mayfest Saturday, May 22, starting at noon in the city park on Park Avenue.

People in Action is sponsoring the event


Applications for vendors will be accepted until Thursday, May 13, at 5 p.m. Interested vendors should contact Sallie Adams at city hall or Cheryl Martin at 478-252-8164.

The charge for a booth is $15. Booths with electricity are $20 a piece.

Admission is free and Adams said there will be drawings and give-aways.

“We’re trying to put together a softball team,” she said.

Anyone who wants to provide entertainment should contact Adams or Martin.

People can bring coolers with food and beverages, but no alcohol, Adams said.

The proceeds will go to People in Action to benefit the community.

The next meeting of the group, which is open to anyone, was scheduled for Wednesday, May 5, at 11 a.m. at the city hall conference room in Wadley.

The Department of Community Affairs will meet with People in Action Thursday, May 13, at 7 p.m. at the community center auditorium in Wadley.

“This will be a community meeting,” Adams said, adding everyone is welcomed and encouraged to attend. People in Action will serve refreshments.

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