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April 15, 2010 Issue

Ghost Out 2010 How to save a life
Bank teller charged with theft
Former county clerk Mary Lamb dies

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Ghost Out 2010 How to save a life

By Faye Ellison
Staff Writer

With blood and bones visible, Glascock County seniors and juniors look at a serious reminder of the affects of drinking and driving.

Glascock County Consolidated School has been holding a Ghost Out every two years at the school before prom.


“This is a DUI accident reenactment,” Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy Kelley said. “This helps to deter teenage DUIs during prom and the rest of the year. We haven’t had any teen DUIs yet. We have a great group of young people.”

During the Ghost Out, a startling statistic was given to the students, every 30 minutes a person is killed due to drinking and driving.

“Today, Olivia Youngblood, a senior at Glascock High School borrowed her mom’s car,” the Ghost Out script says. “She did not know or realize that her actions today would affect her the rest of her life. After school Olivia and her friends Jaquavius Murray and Lee Holley, decided to go buy some beer with a fake ID and go out cruising for a little while. What seemed as an afternoon of fun turned into a tragic event for everyone involved.”

In the end, the script says Holley will suffer long-term disability from partial blindness, facial scaring and hip problems. Youngblood will recover physically from the accident, she will be left with scarring and some health problems, but she will not recover from killing her friend, Murray who dies shortly after the accident.

Though the accident is not real, Glascock County School Superintendent Jim Holton said that students should take note and heed this warning. He also thanked those involved in making the Ghost Out a success.

The school’s junior class also received a check from The Peace Officers’ Association of Georgia, who partners with schools throughout Georgia in promoting and sponsoring alcohol free prom nights. The check received amounted to $2,500. The money will go towards activities like raffles and other give-a-ways, to keep the students at the prom until the end of the night.

This is the first time Glascock County has received the funds, which were given to the Peace Officers’ Association by Jefferson Energy. Peace Officer representative John Conley was present to give the money to the junior class.

“Our kids are our future,” he said. “If we don’t look after them, then we are not protecting our future. I’m a retired trooper and I’ve seen the other side of this.”

Glascock County Sheriff Dean Couch, along with Superintendent Holton and Conley, said they would like to thank Jefferson Energy for the generous donation to keep Glascock County’s future safe.

Sponsors of the Ghost Out include Thiele, Jefferson Energy, Peaster’s Hardware, Mitchell Market, Glascock County Sheriff’s Office, Fresh Cut Lawn Maintenance, Concept Styling, Joann’s Flower Shop, Sheppard Funeral Home, Usry’s Auto Parts, Burgess Pigment, Catherine Howell and Blanchard and Calhoun Agent Greg Johnson.

Agencies and others participating in the Ghost Out were the Glascock County Sheriff’s Office, AirMed, Gibson-Glascock County Fire Department, Glascock County First Responders, Georgia State Patrol, McDuffie County EMS, Sheppard Funeral Home, McDuffie County 911, Glascock Action Partners, Inc., and the Glascock County Coroner’s Office. The script was read by Gibson First Baptist Church Pastor Jared Atkins.

“I want to thank everyone that was involved in the Ghost Out, because without all the agencies and businesses working together it could not have taken place,” Deputy Kelley, this year’s Ghost Out organizer, said. “This program has been preformed many years, but with the same focus each time and that is to help deter DUIs and to keep the young people of this county safe. Thank you again for your help.”

Bank teller charged with theft

By Carol McLeod
Staff writer

Louisville police have arrested a 27-year-old and charged her with 14 counts of forgery in the first degree and 14 counts of theft by taking, said Lt. Teddy Jackson, an investigator with the LPD.

Jackson said he arrested Taylor Arrington, a Matthews resident, Tuesday, April 13, about 10:45 a.m.


“She had been employed at the Queensborough National Bank,” Jackson said. “They received some information from some bank customers about their accounts being short.”

Jackson said bank officials reviewed the information provided by their customers to determine the reason for the discrepancies.

“The bank filed a police report in September of ’09,” Jackson said.

The investigator said the police department began an investigation and spoke with the persons who had made the complaints to the bank.

“We interviewed her (Arrington) today and she was arrested,” Jackson said, adding all of the charges against her are felonies.

The lieutenant said a little more than $20,000 was taken.

“She was employed at the bank from October of ’06. She was terminated in September of ’09,” he said.

“A lot of the people who were done this way were elderly people,” Jackson said. Arrington had worked at both branches of the bank, he said.

“They did what they were supposed to do,” Jackson said of the bank.

“They looked into it, they called the police, we did what we were supposed to do now it’s up to the court system,” he said.

“No customers lost any money,” said Queensborough National Bank president, Bill Easterlin, Tuesday.

“Certainly no customers sustained any loss in this,” he said.

“We were helped by customers who reviewed their monthly statements and had some concerns and then notified us. This serves as a reminder why we send statements out,” Easterlin said.

Former county clerk Mary Lamb dies

Carol McLeod
Staff Writer

Mary Hattaway Lamb, 69, died Friday, April 9, at an Augusta hospital.

Lamb had taken a medical leave of absence from her job as clerk of Jefferson County. She was appointed county clerk in January, 1991, and had worked for the county for 25 years.


Paul Bryan, the county’s administrator, said she was hired initially in a clerical capacity, became a bookkeeper for the county in 1989.

Barbara Johnson, accounting coordinator for the county, worked with Lamb for almost 20 years.

“She was a good friend to me,” Johnson said of Lamb.

“She was a hard worker, very dedicated. She cared about what happened in the county. She was a dear friend to me. I’m really going to miss her,” she said, adding they had worked closely together.

“She’s the one that trained me on what I do,” Johnson said.

Jefferson County Commissioner Tommy New said he had worked with Lamb for about 25 years, having grown up together.

“We were just about as close as two people could be and not be married,” he said.

“Mary was very conscientious about her work. If Mary did something, if she did the budget, or anything she was assigned to do, she did it and you didn’t have to worry about it.

“She was always very cordial to the public. She met the public well. She was an all around good person to work with. I never had a complaint in 25 years, me, myself, with Mary at all,” New said.

Lamb died at Trinity Hospital in Augusta. The funeral was held Sunday in the Louisville United Methodist Church. She was buried in Louisville City Cemetery.

She and her husband, William Lamb, had been married 48 years.

“The best thing I can say is that we as a commission and the people of Jefferson County, we are going to miss Mary,” New said.

“She was a real individual. She just didn’t come to work to work. She came to work because she loved Jefferson County. She also kept us straight pretty good. She definitely had her own ideas and her own way of doing things. She was our clerk for many, many years. I am going to miss her very much.”

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