December 17, 2009 Issue


Hinkinsí holiday wishes

Dear Editor:

To all I wish a marvelous Merry Christmas and a peaceful prosperous New Year.

To family and friends thanks for being friends and family. I hope we all can let yesterday be yesterday, forgiving and moving on. We all need to reach out to each other to lift each other up instead of putting each other down. Blessings and miracles to all! Coming straight from the heart.

Ms. Diane LaRose Hinkins



Resident asks group from parade to clean up act

Dear Editor:

This past Saturday, Louisville had its annual Christmas Parade. There was a really good turn out especially since the weather was so bad. My only complaint was the Drum Corps from Wadley. I am sure that this group has good intentions and yes it is good for kids to be involved in such programs. The drums were really good but the dance group needs to clean up their routine. I would not let my daughter or granddaughter be in any group that does the motions that those girls were doing. I helped with cheerleading and they didnít do those moves. I am sure that the leaders of this group could come up with a routine that is not as sexual as that routine is. These are girls that look like maybe 5 or 6 years old up to teenagers and their routines should be more appropriate for the parades. I applaud the leaders for at least making the effort to do something with the kids. They are at least trying and Iím sure itís not an easy task but please clean it up a bit.

Jan M.Marsh

Remembering Ms. Alice Walker Cox

Dear Editor:

In an era marked by harshness and greed it seems fitting to recognize and appreciate those among us who are gentle and genergous. Such a one was Alice Walker Cox.

Alice was keenly aware of lifeís inequities and hardships, but she did not rail out against them. Instead she spent her active years trying to make life easier and happier for those around her -- a rosebud for the bereaved, a tin of her special cornbread for the sick, a basket of colorful autumn leaves for the lonely, a funny cartoon for the depressed, a note of encouragement for the weary, a patient hearing for the elderly and a cheerful greeting for all whom she met. As she and her little dog walked and rode our streets, she brightened every corner with her loving concern and kindness.

On Dec. 7, 2009, two days after her 92 birthday, Alice Walker Cox died. What a uniquely precious legacy she left to us!

In grateful remembrance,

Rosa Polhill Green


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