November 26, 2009 Issue


DíAntignac feels many over react to issue

Dear Editor:

Itís a sad day when someone uses half of the truth to incite people to do what they normally wouldnít do. Most people, not only in Jefferson County, the state of Georgia, but these United States, are peace loving people. Most American households have at least one firearm, if not two or more. Itís beyond me why anyone needs these many arms, but you have those people that can afford to own firearms, continue to buy more and bigger arms to do what, kill. Their reason for all these arms is: the Second Amendment.

They will tell you that there are some politicians who want the right to take away, or to keep you from owning a firearm. Hogwash. They have already thrown up the Second Amendment, so where is their logic? What they are afraid of is that you wonít think like they think or you wonít think at all. So, they feel a need to give you a little shove in their direction, to join their cause.

Itís also sad when the NRA needs its members to incite others to own or, bear arms. To get your blood boiling, a member tells you a story about a poor farmer on the other side of the Atlantic, in a country with different laws than the United States, when it comes to owning firearms. There is some truth to the story that he tells you, but there are facts that he and the people who heís trying to get you to back and join, did not tell you.

I wonít be like him, thinking you cannot think for yourself. If you have a computer, look for the truth. If not, when you have the time, stop by your local library and look it up yourself. There are those that think you will swallow anything. Iím sure youíve heard, or been told, the truth is the light. Donít let these NRA members keep you in the dark. God gave you a brain, use it. Donít let them use it for you.

Iím sure he means well, but you donít have to be a member of the NRA, or any group to protect you, your family or property. You have the right to own and the right to protect whatís yours. There are those who donít give a fat rat about you, your family or your possessions. They are bold and donít care about their life or yours. They donít care if youíre home or not. Once they make up their minds, that life doesnít mean jack, theyíre coming in. Thatís where we are different from the story that was told to you last week.

The United States of America and Great Britain, like night and day, some laws are similar, but when it comes to protecting you, family, and property, itís no contest. Our law on this subject is better.

In closing, Iíd like you to ask this member of the NRA, if heís willing to buy you a firearm of your choice. If he or the NRA is willing, then I say to everyone thatís reading this, find out what day he or the NRA will be doing it and get in line for the gun of your choice.

Clyde DíAntignac
Future Wadley Resident



Lafavor looking for witness

Dear Editor:

My court date is Dec. 17, 2009. My lawyer ďstated that I may need some witnesses for court.Ē I am requesting the officersí friend as a witness, name unknown at this time. The police officer, who stopped me, his friend was there as a witness. This is another police officer. My lawyer will be collecting this information for me.

This citation is about the fact that I have had a previous altercation with this other police officer in the past at Wrens Drug Store. This citation was given as punishment to offset what happened with this officerís friend.

I believe that this ticket was given to me as retaliation for this altercation. I also believe this ticket is bogus and I was not speeding.

Glenn R. Lafavor

Baker thanks supporters

Dear Editor:

This is an open letter to Deacon Colin and Mrs. Louise Turner, Deacon Mike and Mrs. Linda Lewis, Brother Jerry and Mrs. Linda Armstrong, Sisters Josephine Johnson, Geneva Brinson, Beverly Brown and all participants, friends, and well-wishers who deemed me worthy of an appreciation and took time to share this unforgettable occasion with me, I say thank you.

Iíve hit many homeruns in Jefferson County and Iíve also missed a few. The Higher Hope Girls Club was one of my homeruns and their presence and performance at my appreciation truly humbled me.

To produce a first grader who is currently a principal of a Jefferson County school, is another homerun that gives me bragging rights; who knows, I just might live long enough to see her superintendent of Jefferson County schools. I speak of none other than Ms. Julia Wells, who spoke eloquently and sincerely about my life as her teacher. I love you, Julia.

To each and everyone, I will be forever grateful. Thank you.


Della Turner Bakerr


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