November 5, 2009 Issue


Wadley native supports no tolerance police force

Dear Editor:

I have been reading a lot of letters in the paper about Wadley lately. I remember how Wadley looked as a child growing up there and crime was mostly unheard of.

When you drove through the main street through town until you got out to the area around Fulghum industries all the houses were kept so very nice, people took pride in their homes. Even up in Woodland Heights the homes and yards were always kept nice. When people drove through there it wasnít the eye sores all over that you see now.

Almost all of the town except a small portion now looks nasty and run down. I donít understand how the council can allow people (especially who live on Main Street) to allow their property to look the way it does. When you drive through Main Street now, all you see is mostly run down or even burned up homes. Why doesnít the city make these property owners at least keep things neat even if they canít afford a coat of paint? Buildings also look run down. Where are the owners of these buildings and why are they not made to keep them up?

I brought a girl friend of mine to Wadley from Virginia years ago and she just fell in love with the quaintness of the town and then she came back down in this area to live about five years ago she could not believe how Wadley had run down and asked what had happened. Iím sure a lot of other people who have been gone and come back think the same thing. Why is it that other small towns around the area have thrived and not Wadley? And better yet, why is something not being done about it?

I hope that someday Wadley will have people in charge who will fight to make it a better place to live and stop allowing the criminal element and people who just donít care to do whatever they want to do. I truly feel sorry for the elderly people who live in Wadley who are afraid to go out after dark for fear of being robbed or attacked. People should feel safe in a small town and I remember when you could feel safe in Wadley.

I have been reading some of the articles from the police chief and he seems to want to make some positive changes in Wadley. If he is truly sincere then people need to stand behind him before things get any more out of control than they already are. When people start putting down the police department and trying to make people not trust them then they have a real problem because who else are you going to call upon when you get into an emergency situation?

I have also read complaints about the police harassing people. Well maybe some people who live there need to be harassed in a sense. Maybe they need to know that someone is watching what they are doing. If you allow criminals to think that the law is afraid of them then crime will only get worse. Is that what people in Wadley really want? If so then the people who live there who condone criminal behavior are just as bad as the criminals themselves.

I no longer live in Wadley but I do have family and friends who live there and I have had conversations with them especially the older ones and most of them are scared. There have been some serious crimes committed in Wadley. If Wadley has a no-tolerance police department then the citizens should be glad that finally someone is willing to step up to the plate and take a stand against crime in the area and city hall needs to continue to support them. Tamera Gaskin



Parent upset with substitute

Dear Editor:

To the parents of all LMS students: My 11-year-old son came home last week to inform me that a substitute teacher had called him an ugly name in class.

Anger doesnít begin to describe how I felt and still feel.

I spoke to the principal of the school and was assured that this would be handled.

Two days later I went back to the school to talk to the principal and there she was.

I spoke with the principal and was told she was reprimanded.

This is not her first time insulting a child in school, in fact the principal as well as other students told me that she does this often.

So I guess my question is and your question should be, Why is this woman still teaching our children?

Our kids should trust and respect their teachers and in return the teachers/substitute teachers should respect our kids.

My son was disrespected, your children are being disrespected every day.

A reprimand for a woman who constantly talks down to and disrespects our precious children is just not enough.

We canít teach our children about respect without first showing them respect.

I did not sign my name to this piece to be confrontational. I signed it because my dad taught me that if I was woman enough to say something I should be woman enough to own it. So I own it.

Thank you,

Ola ďToniĒ Walker


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