October 1, 2009 Issue


Maze organizers thanked

Dear Editor:

When people start complaining about someone providing jobs in Jefferson County, there’s something wrong somewhere. Why would anyone complain about putting people to work? Jefferson County is one of the poorest counties in Georgia. The Corn Maze is putting people to work. We need the activities like the Corn Maze for families to have a place to go and enjoy themselves. In Jefferson County we don’t have enough activities for families to do, so they go out of town and the other towns benefit, not our town or our county.

So what if there’s more traffic than usual? There are more people in the world, and it’s a public road.

According to the dispatcher at Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, no one has made any complaints about people driving too fast or any other problem out near the Corn Maze. We’ve been down the road to the Corn Maze and we haven’t seen any trash to amount to anything so the Vaughns’ must be keeping it clean.

Something good is happening in our county for eight weeks. The Vaughns have put people to work. They are providing activities for families to enjoy. People come from other counties to see the Corn Maze, so Jefferson County is benefiting from this event. People in Jefferson County go out of the county to other towns and other counties to eat and enjoy other activities, so why not have these activities here in our county so Jefferson County can benefit? The Corn Maze is a good family event that we can enjoy.

Thank God for people like Mitch and Lisa and their family for providing the Corn Maze for others to enjoy. We need more people in our county to step up and provide more activities for families to enjoy.

We would like to thank the Vaughns for taking their time to provide our family with some enjoyment in our county. We didn’t have to travel outside our county, so thank you Mitch and Lisa Vaughn for having the Corn Maze in Jefferson County.

Tommy and Rosie Dye



Tan wants to see county’s return

Dear Editor:

A man’s property is his to do with as he wishes. I was not happy to see a carnival move into my neighborhood; however, I respect a property owner’s right to use his property in this way. I never complained about the noise nor the increased traffic and dust.

We purchased our land and built our home on the Gough Road expecting to retire and grow old in the country.

There are five families that currently live on and pay property taxes on the Gough Road. The road has required minimum maintenance for at least 20 years.

When the carnival is running, the county has graded the road each Friday.

I went to see the county administrator when the county began widening the road. Mr. Bryan said they were building a road to the carnival.

The county roads department spent several weeks working on the Gough Road. At places the road has been made wider than the Middleground Road. The grader was grading outside the power poles. A track hoe cleared trees and banks that in no way obstructed a driver’s vision. Many loads of gravel (at more than $300 per load) were trucked in and dumped.

I was told that Jefferson County is benefiting from the presence of the carnival. Many tax dollars have been spent to support it. Just what is our return?

Dana L. Tan

Wadley chief addresses rumors

Dear Editor:

As some of you have noticed the Wadley Police Department has been making a valid attempt at reducing crime in our city. As we are well aware, that any attempt at increasing enforcement efforts will cause a negative relationship between the police and the criminal element and their supporters. Past events constantly resurface with present incidents and serve to foster the perception and misconception that the police are unfair, unprofessional and unethical in the performance of their duties.

Although not accurate, and unfair to the people who protect and serve our community, this perception is a hindrance to our enforcement and crime reduction efforts. Some view any contact with law enforcement as some form of harassment or feel that a resident/citizen should not be arrested for DUI, drugs, speeding or other violations of the laws of this state. Nowhere in the law is an exemption based on where you live, they are for each and every one of us including the members of law enforcement. Law enforcement officers will always be the focal point of hostility in any situation that requires their presence.

For the past several months we have been victimized by slanderous comments and plagued by the rumors of violators arrested by the department. Law enforcement officers patrol a line in our society where anyone can say anything against them and the officer has to vindicate him/herself. This line, which is often narrow, referred to by law enforcement officers as the “Thin Blue Line,” is what separates freedom from lawlessness in our community. Some violators of the law are law-abiding citizens who make a mistake and some are career criminals or habitual violators. This is not known to an officer on our streets until he initiates a basic enforcement action for a violation which he/she has knowledge of occurring. But to an individual who has dislike or a hidden agenda for law enforcement this is their opportunity to cause contempt and turn citizens against the police. Some reasons can be personal or for support of a specific cause, group or political candidate. Unlike past chiefs I have a vested interest in the City of Wadley, this is my home. So if someone has made promises that they are going to get me out of Wadley, they are sorely mistaken and that is a fact.

The mayor and city council have been supportive of our department because of the efforts we have put forth to make our citizens and city a safer place to live. The end result is that crime has gone down dramatically and our citizens are safer than they have been in years. As a result they will not accept any substandard law enforcement practices such as what has been said in the streets by disgruntled persons or freshly manufactured products of “The Rumor Mill.”

A majority of this can be put to rest with the camera systems in the patrol cars which Mayor and Council approved several months ago. These systems have been very effective and is a benefit to the citizens and the officer. Several alleged complaints have been proven to be figments of the complaintant’s imagination. They can also be proof that an officer has violated department policy or any laws while in the performance of their duties. I, as Chief of Police nor the Mayor and Council will condone any violations of the policies implemented for the department.

If a citizen has a complaint with an officer they must contact the Chief of Police or Supervisor so that the matter they wish to complain about can be addressed in a professional manner. Some choose to use other people or venues which are counter-productive and cause tension in public settings without informing the agency of the complaint. At the beginning of the year I came up with a Complaint form for the public, which serves as the basis for investigating allegations by the general public.

Without the support of the citizens of Wadley, our agency cannot succeed. Each citizen should take pride in having a safe city for their children to grow. Don’t let anyone influence you to set aside the safety of loved ones for their benefit. On a daily basis each officer makes contact with citizens to get their feedback on problems and what is needed in their area of the city. This also helps to familiarize our citizens with the officers of the department and the officer with the citizens of the community A majority of the crime that occur is solved with the help of citizens. I would like to thank each and everyone of the citizens for allowing us to serve you and make you and your families safe.

Chief Wesley Lewis
Wadley Police Department


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