August 27, 2009 Issue


Culvern chooses not to run for mayor of Louisville

Dear Editor:

When Mayor Byron Burt died in 2006, it was my privilege to serve the remainder of his term. Since March of 2007 it has been my pleasure to work with city administrator, Don Rhodes and the entire staff of Louisville city employees. To a man or woman they are some of the best, most dedicated people I know. Without the leadership of Don Rhodes, Louisville would not be in the fiscally secure position it holds, even in these difficult economic times. It has been a job to participate in one project after the other that will benefit this community due to his diligence. We are truly blessed to have someone of this stature to lead our city.

It is now time for a new election and the mayor’s office and three council members’ positions will be on the ballot. We have a very dynamic city council that is representative of our community. The members work well together and put the citizens’ needs first. As much as I have enjoyed serving, I have made the decision not to seek reelection.

I am confident that other civic minded citizens will step forward and offer their names for this important office. I will miss working with the various constituencies within the city. It has been wonderful building new relationships and making friends I will never forget. I hope that during my tenure some of your concerns were addressed and you were given a voice. May God bless you and bless the city of Louisville.


Rita Culvern



President is lying to America

Dear Editor:

Obama and his dark overlords are blatantly lying to America. The only public option that is workable is to require them to be connected to a lie detector whenever they speak to the American public, which they refer to as the unpatriotic mob.

Obamacare has a simple purpose, take medicare away from American seniors and use it to provide healthcare to illegal aliens. No democrat will openly admit that Obamacare will cover illegal aliens, but in every bill they write, they refuse to limit coverage to Americans. Instead, universal healthcare is “everyone’s right.” Healthcare reform can be summed up in one simple question, does it provide healthcare to Americans or to everyone? Democrats refuse to answer.

Dan McDermott

Park should be more available

Dear Editor:

I am a life-long resident of Stapleton and would like to reply to the recent soapbox concerning the Stapleton park. According to the rules posted there, there is to be no parties or gatherings and the only food allowed are chips, candy and cookies. This park could be good for the people in and close to Stapleton if it is allowed to be. The park has nice facilities. The water has been cut off so the restroom and water fountain cannot be used. If things are being destroyed or misused the city could install cameras and punish those doing wrong not the community and especially the kids. There are very few places for kids to go in rural areas so why have a park and equipment with so many stipulations? I for one have started taking my grandkids to the park in Louisville where I can pick up lunch for all of us and have a picnic before they begin to play. It is out of my way but I feel more comfortable there than I do in my home town due to the park inspectors making sure I am following their rigid rules. Martha Usry

Martha Usry

Letter stepped over the line

Dear Editor:

In response to Mr. D’Antignac’s letter in the Aug. 19 paper asking for prayer for our president…Clyde, you have stepped over the line when you compare the president to God. In no way can you even begin to compare the two and I’m highly irritated that you would even try. “Only God can sustain such energy, knowledge and person”.You spoke incorrectly, GOD can do so much more. Obama is a mere mortal man, not “The Anointed One” that so many have put up on a pedestal for worship. Rest assured whatever Obama can do pales in comparison to what God can do.

With that being said, I wanted to get the word out concerning upcoming town hall meetings. The message of the people has been loud and clear: “We do not want government-run health care!”

I hope you’ll be able to attend one of the local town hall events to express your concerns about the various legislative schemes for government takeover of America’s health care system currently before Congress.

There are three local meetings on Saturday, Aug. 29. Rep. John Barrow will be at the Johnson County Courthouse Plaza in Wrightsville at 11 a.m. He will also be at the Louisville Public Library in Louisville at 1 p.m. Lastly, Rep. Barrow will be at the Southern Bank Pavilion in Waynesboro at 3 p.m. I encourage anyone concerned with the government takeover of health care to attend.

Tara H. Rabun


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