August 20, 2009 Issue


A prayer for our president

Dear Editor:

Folks, If you have not noticed....No president has ever worked this hard for our country. Many wonder, does he ever sleep? Only God can sustain such energy, knowledge and person. Will you please join in this prayer...


We pray for optimum health, mental clarity and political prosperity for Pres. Barack Obama. We pray that what he lacks in political experience you make up for with supernatural wisdom and power.

We also pray that when his enemies come upon him they will stumble and fall; and that your love will fill his heart to the end that Your will be done through him.

We pray mightily for his protection. As we plead the blood of your son, Jesus, over him and his family, we reverently ask you to dispatch legions of angels to protect them from all hurt, harm, danger as he serves as the president of the United States of America.

We thank you and praise you for answering our sincere prayers, In Jesus’ precious name, amen.

Clyde D’Antignac



Obamacare is not the answer

Dear Editor:

Has anyone else realized that Barrack Obama (Mr. BO) is spending our money faster than we can print it, now that Obama has paid off all his supporters such as the Banking Industry, United Auto Workers, ACORN and others too numerous to name or does it just boil down to the fact that the ravishing of the Goose That Lays The Golden Eggs (aka The American Taxpayer) comes to us in the form of “OBAMACARE” is the last straw? We were exposed to this issue because it is so radical and outrageous that his own party has jumped ship on him. Now with each day comes a new poll showing Mr. BO’s support disappearing faster than the funds in the U. S Treasury.

Mr. BO continues to fill the airwaves/cameras with garbage in an attempt to salvage what now appears to be his fading Obamacare. Firstly, no one has read the entire package and wouldn’t understand what they were reading anyway. I have read many excerpts from it, listened to hundreds of experts in the political, financial and medical fields but I’m 70 years old and do not have the time left to read the whole thing There’s the “Senate Bill Obamacare(1,018 pages) and House Bill Obamacare, written by attorneys so that only their interpretation would be accepted. Of course this is true for all legislation but the urgency, expressed daily by Mr. BO, to get it done yesterday is the turning point that has turned his apple cart upside down and will ultimately bring about at least one or two things. Either this Obamacare bill will disappear for a good long while or it will do something the Republican Party couldn’t do on its own...help the republicans regain control of the senate and house come next election time. Actually both could happen on a good day and the karma coming down at the right time. All voters should take note of how their senator/congressman votes on the plan and vote accordingly next election cycle. At any rate this is now Mr. BO’s economy because he said his plan is working, that we are seeing real improvements in many areas so if this turnaround goes south now it is his “baby.”

If Mr. BO is successful in forcing this down American throats it will mark the beginning of the end for health insurance through the private sector. Then we will all be at the mercy of government administrated healthcare, which will include tens of millions of illegals. Polls show that most of the uninsured are the illegals and the youth who feel they are unlikely to need health insurance. The correct approach, in my opinion, would be to clean up the gross fraud and mismanagement in Medicare, our current government-run healthcare system. I have a living will, which means that when/if I reach a point that I face a future void of any meaningful life I do not want to be kept alive by machines that eventually would require you and yours to donate so these machines can breathe for me. We are already paying rediculous prices for healthcare because those who have no insurance simply go to the doctor or emergency room and their tabs are added to, and spread among the bills of us (mostly through Medicare) who are fortunate enough to have insurance but to the best of my knowledge no one in this country is refused healthcare. If Obamacare is approved we older citizens can look forward to a time similar to the holocaust...Adolph Hitler’s weeding out of those who are too sick, weak or old to contribute. Didn’t think it could ever happen again did you? Keep in mind now that in the senate version congress is exempt.

Some Democrats see the writing on the wall. Sen. Arlen Spector (a major rat who jumped ship recently to join the dems) is so shook up he is thinking about jumping back. He is finished either way. Mr. BO has a very, very rocky road ahead even if he backs away. You have not seen Americans so upset and united since 9-11. We all had the opportunity of seeing Mr. BO at his very best recently when he held another of his “Townhall Meetings” to defend his position. While taking questions from the group filled with “plants” Mr. BO picked a cute little girl from those wishing to ask questions and listened attentively while she read, from a handheld card, a question that Mr. BO and associates had planted in the audience. Turns out she was the daughter/granddaughter of the organizer of Obama For President in that state. It is now crunch time and the dems are realizing, apparently too late, it doesn’t pay to be lazy in your preparations in an attempt to fool all Americans. We are better than that.

Robert Clements,

Thompson thanks Sheriff’s Office

Dear Editor:

Recently my wife Mildred and I were traveling near Louisville when my van ran hot. I thought smoke was coming from the engine so I parked the van. Sheriff Deputy Tim Moore saw our problem and at my request, called Hadden’s auto repair for towing. Deputy Moore stayed until the van was towed and also made sure that we secured ride home in Avera.

Deputy Moore was professional, displayed a caring attitude and reflected a servant’s heart by going beyond normal assistance. His actions help reinforce our belief that the Jefferson County Sheriff and all the sheriff department personnel are professional, caring, and of the highest caliber in counting.


Clarence A. Thompson, Sr.


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