August 13, 2009 Issue


Fight for fair affordable climate policy

Dear Editor:

Climate change legislation is moving forward in Congress, and Jefferson Energy Cooperative, along with all other electric cooperatives across the nation, finds itself in the national spotlight.

During the spring and early summer, congressional energy policy debate focused on a cap-and-trade system to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from power plants — a system that could impact all levels of the economy. Some analysis performed by independent companies indicates that adding existing technologies for CO2 capture to an electricity generation process could increase the cost of electricity by anywhere from 2.5 cents to 4 cents/kWh depending on the type of process. In other words, if enacted, congress would be directly responsible for raising your electric bill.

Jefferson Energy and others across the country need your help to minimize these costs to you. Right now, your participation in the Our Energy, Our Future™ grassroots campaign is critical.

Electric co-ops stepped up early in the debate to fight for fairness and affordability as this legislation was considered in the U.S. House of Representatives. Backed by more than 375,000 consumers taking part in the Our Energy, Our Future campaign, electric co-ops had a major impact, securing more than $3 billion in rate relief from initial U.S. House proposals.

But that victory marks just the first inning in a long ballgame. The debate has now moved to the U.S. Senate, where another version of the bill is being drafted. Here we have another opportunity to make even more improvements – and you can impact the outcome.

We must urge members of the Senate to keep climate change legislation:

• Fair: Climate change legislation needs to recognize regional differences in how electricity is produced.

• Affordable: Any climate change plan must keep electricity affordable for all Americans.

• Achievable: Climate change legislation must be realistic to ensure long-term success.

It is time we all step up to the plate and make a stand for climate change legislation that protects the interests of consumers. Your senators as well as members of the U.S. House need to hear from you, their voting constituents, for direction.

Getting your voice heard in Washington is easy through the Our Energy, Our Future campaign. Visit www.ourenergy.coop to send a message to your elected officials about the need for fair, affordable, and achievable climate change legislation. We must ensure that when they vote on a bill, it’s done with America’s best interests in mind.

Steve Chalker,
Director of Public Relations
Jefferson Energy Cooperative



Trash the Cash for Clunkers

Dear Editor:

By now we all know about the “Cash for Clunkers” give-away by our federal government. As I understand it, you trade in your car, year 2000 or older, with bad gas mileage for a new “green” car with low gas consumption. When you do this, the Obama administration will give you up to $4,500 of taxpayer money. Of course, the lower your income the more likely you are to be approved.

Sounds great, right? Wrong! Did the feds not learn anything from the housing fiasco? One of the factors leading to the collapse of the financial institutes was the feds insisting that banks make housing loans to people who could not afford them.

Next to a home, an automobile is the most expensive thing the average person will buy in his lifetime. The bait is being hung out in front of these same people again. The $4,500 will entice many people to obligate themselves into a several-thousand-dollar contract with car dealers that they cannot afford. When the repossessions start, what happens to the taxpayers’ $4,500? I don’t think the dealer is going to repay the government, so the taxpayer gets screwed again.

This program is supposed to be a boost to the US automakers, but most of these “green” cars are made in Japan and South Korea. Most of the parts come from oversea sources for the ones that are made in the United States Without this program the person with the “clunker” is going to buy a car he can afford in the next couple of years anyway.

The difference being the “free enterprise” system of dealer and client will result in a car the customer can afford.

Also if one million of these “green” cars are sold in the next five years that would average 200,000 cars per year. With this “carrot” baiting the number may be 400,000. What happens next year and the year after? You will most likely see a catastrophic drop in sales due to the glut created by this program. Also repos put back into the market will reduce new car sales.

I for one will not be “suckered in” by this program. I will not be lured into a debt I can’t afford. I own two “clunkers’ but on a Social Security income I will wait until I can afford a trade on the “free market” that has served America well for hundreds of years.

Recap: The Obama administration is going to give away $4,500 of taxpayer money to get people who can’t afford a new car to buy a car from the car company that Pres. Obama just “bought” for the U.A.W. with taxpayer money.

I personally think the real “clunkers” are in Washington D.C. I would gladly pay $4,500 to trade them in on some people with common sense and a concern a for the working people of America.

Ray Clements

Fuller Center begins second local housing project

Dear Editor:

On July 6, The Fuller Center for housing began the second project which was to put a roof over on the home of Charles Brassell. A tree had fallen and damaged the mobile home so much that it could not hold a shingle roof.

Helen Landrum had read a article about The Fuller Center and she contacted Mitch Vaughn. An application was submitted, approved and work was planned to start as soon as possible. In the meantime, The Fuller Center covered the roof with tarps to protect the home until work could start on the project. As we were just starting out, we had to line up some donations for supplies and materials as The Fuller Center for housing is a non-profit organization.

I spoke with Helen Landrum and this is what she had to say about The Fuller Center of Jefferson County and the volunteers who turned out to do the work!

“Everybody worked together under the leadership of Mr. Lee Shellman, actually there are no words to express how well planned everything and everybody was on the site! Just wonderful.”

We would like to thank Ms. Landrum, Charles and Keri for their hospitality. We finished this project on July 22.

Members from the following churches helped make this project successful: Shekinah Baptist Assembly, Eden Baptist Church, Mt. Pleasant CME and Gordon Grove Baptist Church.

We would like to thank the following sponsors for making this project possible, The Fuller Center, The Episcopal Church of St. Magdalene of Louisville.

Our needs are for the community to pray for the continued development of our organization and that we will reach every qualified applicant in our county, donors to donate monetary and in-kind donations and volunteers.

For more information contact, Mitch Vaughn, board president, 1025 Verdee Road, Louisville, GA 30434, (478) 625-7552 or jeffersoncountyga@fullercenter.org. Visit thefullercenterjefferson.blogspot.com.

Lena Patton

Obama is a hustler-in-chief

Dear Editor:

Obama’s our president but he’s not on our side. We have a hustler-in-chief instead of a leader. He and his posse, congress, surround us like a pack of hyenas; ready to pounce on us if we turn our backs for even a second. We can’t trust them because they’ve done nothing to merit our trust.

The administration claims there’s an angry republican mob forming to oppose them. The part they don’t understand is that it’s an angry American mob that’s reacting to the lies and scams being forced on them as if they’re idiots.

Americans control our government, the government doesn’t control us. We have a new government. Its job is to represent us, not abuse us.

What the mob is saying is, “Stop it, we’re on to you. Do your job.”

Before we had the Stars and Stripes, Americans had another flag. It said, “Don’t tread on me.” Americans are willing and capable of defending themselves against any enemy, foreign or domestic, even if the enemy is our current government.

Dan McDermott


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