July 16, 2009 Issue


D’Antignac reassures all that the sky is not falling

Dear Editor:

Some people will tell you the sky is falling this year, and the next three, when, in fact, the sky fell when we had two terms of Bush and his boss Chaney. Let McDermott tell it, everything was peachee cream the last eight years.

When the republican insurgents took over congress the latter half of Bill Clinton’s second term, McDermott didn’t see the sky falling. But the American people saw it, and kicked them good old republican boys out of the congress. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, the sky is falling, the sky is falling.

Give us a break McDermott, you’re beginning to sound like the new (R)ush, (N)ewt, (C)haney party. You can not back up any of these accusations: (Obama and the Democrats will raise taxes on gasoline, natural gas, electricity and everything that produces energy. They will also increase the price if your consumpton exceeds their imposed limit. Monthly electric bills could double. Gas will be back over $4 a gallon or more).

McDermott, where were you these last eight years, counting your money like the party of the right was doing?

Did you not see gas prices go over $4 a gallon? One thing I am sure of, gas prices did go up in Jefferson County, because I spent some time down there last year.

Considering some of the falling (republicans-angels with tails), having Obama and the democrats for the next three and a half years, is a blessing. Who knows, the democrats may get governors in Alaska, S.C, and another senate seat in NV the next time around. You got a governor quitting in mid-term, a governor running out of the country to see his mistress, and a senator balling not only a staffer, but his friend’s wife.

I have yet to hear the moral majority, step up to the plate and condemn these men. As the young people would say...What’s Up? Come on McDermott, let’s talk about these outstanding republicans, you were so proud of back a month ago. Let’s hear it for the good ole republican party.

The only thing we need to protect ourselves from is quitters, leaving your post to run out of the country, and last but not least, cheater with your friend’s wife. Those are the kind of people the party of the right wants to put in power during the mid-term elections.

What say you, Georgians? Is the sky falling or what? Next time you see McDermott, just tell him the sky is not falling, the sky is not falling.

Clyde D’Antignac



Time to buyout Obama’s contract

Dear Editor:

Two-point-three million jobs have been lost since Obama took office. He’s wasted trillions of dollars and did nothing to create jobs or improve the economy. He accepted the position but is obviously unwilling to accept the responsibility that goes with it. Lack of leadership and

productivity are the main factors in determining if he is retained or let go.

No job is secure, especially in this economy. The probation period is over and he’s being paid way too much money to justify his minimal contributions. Voters must now reevaluate their hiring decision. It may be time to just buy out his contract and readvertise the position.

Dan McDermott

Louisville mayor praises performance and director

Dear Editor:

On Saturday night, July 11, I had the pleasure of proclaiming Michael L. Lewis Day at the Stone Springfield AME Church. The setting was the occasion of the Metro Mass Choir and Dorothy Norwood Concert.

I was happy to attend and present the proclamation, but I was unprepared to be completely overjoyed by the beautiful music. If ever the Holy Spirit was among His people, it was that night at Stone Springfield Church. The church literally rocked with joyous voices and instruments that that were better than any Hollywood production – not just Ms. Norwood, the noted Grammy nominee – but local vocalists and musicians from throughout the CSRA.

Then there were the choral conductors (including Michael Lewis)!!! I declare, they could squeeze the sound of angels out of rocks and were quite the showmen, themselves!

The church was filled to the rafters and the crowd was 100 percent engaged! Hands were clapping, toes were tapping (mine included) and God was being praised!

Dr. Michael L. Lewis, who is the Assistant Principal of Louisville Academy, has been the Director of the Metro Mass Choir for its entire 10 history. He should be very proud of all the hard work that went into Saturday’s performance. It was masterful!!!

Congratulations, Michael, on your special day! Let’s hear the Metro Mass Choir at next year’s Buzzard Blast so more people can be exposed to the extremely fine talent right here at home.

With best regards,

Rita Culvern, Mayor
City of Louisville

Clements comments on health care bill

Dear Editor:

Yesterday on the “ABC...Obama Special On Health Care” Obama was asked “Mr. President will you and your family give up your current healthcare program and join the new Universal Health Care Program that the rest of us will be on?” Obama ignored the question and never did answer it. A number of senators were asked the same question and their response was “We will think about it.”

It was also announced today on the news that the Kennedy Health Care Bill has written into it that congress will be exempt. How nice. Not good enough for Obama or Congress fine for the rest of us. This needs to stop but apparently with the Democrats in control nothing is impossible in our current administration. Sadly, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Robert Clements

Gordy takes on national-level politics

Dear Editor:

With no disrespect to the dead, I wonder if those deceased persons in Cook County, Il. (Chicago area) whose corpses were dug up and their cemetery plots resold allegedly by the employees of Burr Oak Cemetery are registered to vote?

This is not so far fetched when we consider the track record of the democratically-controlled aread down through the decades.

If the voting records were closely examined and some of the corpses were found to be still on the voting rolls, it would be comforting to some of the political jackasses in Washington that the revived Chicago Daley machine is still intact.

Is it a coincidence that President Obama hails from the Windy City? Relax, Sen. Sanford. I won’t mention you.

Oh, well, most of us hesitate to wish our lives away but 2010 can’t come too soon for many voters across America.

While the junior U.S. senator for Illinois has just revealed that he doesn’t plan to seek a full term, I’m going to let him off the hook of being responsible for the cemetery caper.

Political pundits say the reason he won’t run is he can’t raise enough funds to seek a full term in the upper house seat previously held by Mr. Obama.

Politicians never smelled so bad!

News reports say the cemetery plots involved only brought $3,00,000.

Sen. Burris, who, it is said by many bought Mr. Obama’s old seat from the disgraced Illinois governor, who is more handsome than politcally smart.

Anyhow, politics are getting more expensive. It would take Mr. Burris a lot more than $300,000 to mount a successful campaign.


Bob L. Gordy


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