July 9, 2009 Issue


America must protect itself

Dear Editor:

Obama and the socialist democrat insurgents are forcing into law a scam called cap and trade. It will tax all energy sources. Taxes will be raised on gasoline, natural gas, electricity and everything that produces energy. They will also increase the price if your consumpton exceeds their imposed limit. Monthly electric bills could double.

Gas will be back over $4 a gallon or more. This is the largest tax increase in American history.

Coming along with this is Obama insurance, which will be mandatory. Anyone who refuses to buy Obama insurance will be billed a “shared responsibility payment.” That’s democrat terminology for a $1,000 fine.

Following next is a “increased value tax”, that’s a national sales tax on everything. So far they’ve run up a ninety trillion dollar debt. Now it’s time for the American public to pay for it. Americans are about to be robbed on a scale of Biblical proportions.

America is stuck with Obama for the next three and a half years. The only way to stop this insanity is the election next year. Americans have to vote every democrat out of Congress. It’s the only way to stop Obama’s adventure in socialism. If democrats remain in control of Congress, Americans will pay over half of their yearly income in taxes. This is no longer a matter of political expediency. It’s a matter of personal survival. Americans can protect themselves from the internal threat only by removing the attackers.

Dan McDermott



Assistant chief on fire training

Dear Editor:

Wadley Fire Department held a regional “Pressurized Container Fire Control” training class on the evenings of May 12 and 13, 2009.

Firefighters from the Jefferson and Washington counties received this training through the Georgia Fire Academy. Instructor for the training class was GFA Instructor and Jefferson County Training Officer, Assistant Chief Chester Johnson.

Personnel must be trained to the level of basic firefighter as specified in Title 25 of OCGA.

This course is designed for firefighters and officers who may be called upon to handle emergencies involving pressurized containers. This course presents lifesaving information about fires involving pressurized containers and how to control or when not to control these fires. Topics include tactics, behavior of pressurized containers exposed to fire, physical properties of common substances stored under pressure and control of LP gas fires. Especially useful are the practical exercises involving LP gas fires in simulated pressure containers or piping.

This training was made possible by the generous contribution of LP Gas from Ferrellgas Company of Wadley.

Chester Johnson
Assistant Chief Louisville Fire Department

Tatums thank community

Dear Editor:

When my husband and I moved to Louisville about 15 years ago, we immediately started attending Central Baptist Church on US Highway 1 going toward Wadley. Charles Duncan was their pastor at the time. David Davis is their current pastor, aided wonderfully by his wife, Gloria.

Though just the two of us originally came here, our two single grown daughters later moved to the area to be near us and began to also attend Central. We were deeply blessed by the church family’s adoption of our daughters. They quickly became extended family to both Kelly and Lee Anna. Since we have no other family anywhere nearby, we appreciated it very much.

On June 29, 2009, one of our daughters, Kelly, got married here in Louisville. The entire church body got behind her 100 percent, giving of their time, their resources and their talents. Without hesitation they put themselves out in a big way to make it a wonderful and beautiful day and it truly was! I wish each of you could have been there to see how lovely they made it!

Bob and I want to publicly tell them how special they are. At the risk of leaving someone out, I am going to mention some names. To begin with, Pat McCullough opened her kitchen at Lewis Lake for us to all get together to do some baking for the reception. Thanks, Pat! She also did much more, staying up late to get together a lot of delicious food!

All the following people worked hard to set up for the reception and the wedding:

B.J. and June Everett, David, Nan and John Gunn, Nan’s brother, Andy, Bobby and Grace Faglier, Margaret Goodman, James and Jeannie Wheeler, Anne Manning and Gloria Davis.

Nan Gunn directed the decorating of both the wedding and the reception areas and it was all very lovely. Gloria Davis directed the wedding party on when to come in and where to go and all that stuff we would have probably messed up without her guidance. David Davis did a beautiful wedding ceremony and also kept us all calm, cool and collected! Great job, David!

Sherri Handberry made Kelly beautiful, doing her makeup and hair and keeping her fresh looking for the picture taking.

Last but not least, our daughter, Lee Anna, kept her sister sane for the last few weeks helping her in so many ways it isn’t possible to list them all here.

So thanks to all of you. You have truly been an answer to our prayers and we appreciate the Christ-like love and support that Central Baptist has always given us and our daughters.

Bob and Judy Tatum


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