June 25, 2009 Issue


Gaskin feels family owed apology

Dear Editor:

My uncle Watson Leonard Lambís funeral was last Friday, June 5, 2009 at 2pm. When the funeral procession left Lambís Chapel Church and got out to HWY 1 to go to the Wadley City Cemetery, we noticed there was no sheriff or police escort, the funeral procession had to stop for traffic on Hwy 1, we had cars coming down the road in the procession that were not even part of the funeral, then we get to the red light and part of the procession had to stop for the red light. After the service I spoke directly to the funeral director who told me that at 9:30 Friday morning he called the Jefferson County Sheriff Department and gave the woman who answered all the information on the funeral. Watson Lamb worked for the DOT for 30+ years and he also served as volunteer fire chief in Wadley for many years, I feel that he deserved better than that and I believe that whoever took that information and dropped the ball needs to be reprimanded. And I feel that the family is owed an apology. We certainly expected better than this from Jefferson County and the City of Wadley. Thank You

Ms. Tamera D. Gaskin



Gordy on schools and leaders

Dear Editor:

First off, I wish to commend all who are connected with the education of Jefferson County children: from the custodians on up to the teachers, principals, board of education members and the superintendent.

As the old saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. Test scores by our students, the fact that the principal Molly Howard has won national honors over the years as the head of Jefferson County High School speaks well of the local school system and its employees.

However, there is one thing that bothers me and many other local citizens.

The superintendent is the highest paid official of the county whether elected or appointed, and well he should be, it is a serious responsibility he has.

However, it is my understanding that he lives in Columbia County. If the superintendent has any children, they, no doubt, have been or are being educated in that county. This should not be.

Many local residents think the superintendentís position should require its holder to live in Jefferson County and that personís children be educated here.

Many here believe the law should be changed in the next session of the Georgia General Assembly and the current superintendent be grandfathered in.

We have many local people who are more than qualified to hold this high position. That post over the years has been both appointed by the board of education members as far as I know, as it is now, and elected.

I would like to see others air their opinions in your newspaper.


Bob L. Gordy

Clements on writers and soapboxers

Dear Editor:

Woe is me. Iím being shot at from all directions. (Not that it makes one iota of difference to me). Mr. DíAntignac (Mr. D) was all warm and fuzzy to me when I agreed with his all his previous letter but when I stated later in my letter that I would support my friend Dan McDermott if he entered any political race in Jefferson County Mr. D was beside himself in grief that he and I couldnít be bosom buddies and wanted to know if I could vote for him. First of all I know nothing about Mr.D other than what he sends to our local paper. From those contributions (primarily his 5-21-09 letter) I formed an opinion and stated in my 5-28-09 letter that it appeared that Mr. D could become a viable candidate for public office. He not only failed to mention that in his 6-04-09 letter but was in agony because I did not give him my political blessing comparable to the one I gave my friend Dan McDermott. He did rise up from his suffering long enough to accuse McDermott of being a hater which I know to be untrue. Maybe when/if

we ever meet face to face Mr. D I can more closely analyze you.

Another Soapboxer, choosing to speak anonymously, whacked me for choosing Senator Powell over our county commissioners. Apparently that person was put up to responding or had little understanding of what my letter was about. As stated by Mr. Powell and Mr. D, this attempt by our commission was to create a method to avoid having to face the citizens of this county. Such action would result in citizens having no say in agendas handled by that group. The commissioners could do anything that group could do and, yes, they would have to allow the citizens of this county to have input. Obviously this soapboxer knows very little about subject he/she/it addresses.

As noted by Mr. Powell, the Governor had already said he would veto any legislation such as this that would keep taxpayers and other citizens in the dark. More evidence the phantom soapboxer knew nothing of which he/she/it wrote is that they based their entire article on taxes on homeowners. I will also remind everyone that this is not the only legislation Mr. Powell has been asked to introduce for the Jefferson County Commission. Years ago he and then-State Rep. Jimmy Lord got legislation addressing the future sale of our landfill introduced.

You may also take note that as long as we have a Republican Governor, Senate and House of Representatives Jefferson County will not be getting any favorable attention from the state. Examples: Why is the Jefferson County portion of 4-laning U S Hwy 1/S R 4 the only major section in this general area not let to contract? Would we be getting the existing 2-lane from Louisville to Wrens resurfaced if there was a good chance our portion was going to be 4-laned anytime soon?

Robert Clements


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