June 4, 2009 Issue


Buzzard Blast organizers thank all for support of festival

Dear Editor:

We would like to thank everyone for supporting the 2009 Buzzard Blast Festival this weekend in Louisville. It was a great success. We want to thank our sponsors, volunteers, vendors, stage performers, and the community of Jefferson County for helping to make this festival great. We would especially like to recognize the City of Louisville for providing their support, and Helen Clark Memorial Park for the festival.

We wanted to take the opportunity to give some of the festival statistics:

ē There was over $4,000 in funds raised for the Louisville Downtown faÁade program.

ē There were over 50 vendors that attended the festival.

ē We had 57 runners in our first Buzzard Blast 5k race that ran through the streets of Louisville.

ē We accepted 175 pounds of canned goods that were donated to the Louisville Food Pantry. The canned goods were collected Saturday evening as admission to the, ďMovie Under the Stars.Ē These canned good donations went directly back to the community.

Thanks again to all of our partners who helped make the 2009 Buzzard Blast Festival happen!

Becky Harrison and Billy Valduga
2009 Buzzard Blast Festival Co-Chairs



Writers agree and disagree

Dear Editor:

I want to thank Mr. Clements for his kind words and his agreement on the letter I wrote in the 5-21-09 issue. I donít deserve the praise, so Iíll give the praise to who deserve it, namely Sen. Powell (D), and your staff writer Carol McLeod.

I know very little about Sen. Powell, but Iíve read a lot of Ms. McLeodís writings. They both did a bang-up-job for the taxpayers of Jefferson county. Hopefully the senator will keep using the brains God gave him and not let politics ruin him.

As for Ms. McLeod and newspaper, I hope youíll continue to keep us, the tax payers informed about this subject, as well as any and every subject that will effect Jefferson and surrounding counties. Not only does Sen. Powell deserve three cheers, but so does Ms. McLeod and the newspaper. We the taxpayers should say thanks, and continue to support The News and Farmer for the great job, it and its writers are doing. If Iím not the first, let me just say... Thanks, great job.

Now back to Mr. Clements. As I have written before, I will be a future resident of Wadley. My wife and I pay both Wadley and Jefferson County taxes on land we plan to build on, sometime in the near future. Iíve never given thought to running for public office. My wife says politics was made for me. Who knows what God has in store for us, and Jefferson County. I wonít say yes, but I surely wonít say no. God will make any and every decision we make, past, present and future. I wonder, once Iím there and we meet, and get to know each other Mr. Clements, would you consider voting for me some day? Just thought I would ask.

OK, just when I thought we could meet each other half way, you wrote this next underline statement: ďI am extremely impressed by the writings in this paper of Mr. Dan McDermott. He, in my opinion, would make an excellent elected official. Dan, I am offering my assistance in any political area in which you might be interested.Ē Mr. Clements, you broke my heart with that statement, and hereís why.

I will not trash Mr. McDermott, but I will give you my opinion on some of his writings and Iíve read a lot of them. Thereís a lot of anger toward people of the Muslim faith and the Hispanic population in this country. Iíll repeat some of my past writings, that all Muslims are are not militants and all Hispanics are not illegals. In other words, just because itís a duck, but it doesnít act or walk like a duck, donít make it radical. Sorry, but with that kind of anger toward some races in this country, I personally couldnít vote for him. Iím sure there are those, not only in Jefferson County, the state of Georgia, but also around the country, that would vote for him, but not me.

Clyde DíAntignac,
Future Resident of Wadley

Businessman supports Mahaffey in probate judge election

Dear Editor:

I am asking the voters of Jefferson County to take a close look at the many candidates who have qualified to run for Probate Judge of Jefferson County. When you look at the requirements and duties of the position, you will find that Tyler C. Mahaffey is the right choice for Probate Judge.

I had the pleasure of meeting Tyler when he first moved to Jefferson County. He has developed a successful law practice over the last 12 years specializing in real estate transactions and the probate of estates. He has had the opportunity to guide many local families through the probate process. Tyler has the ability to effectively represent his clients while showing understanding, compassion and sensibility. He clearly has the experience and legal knowledge to immediately serve as the countyís probate judge.

In addition, Tyler has served as the Chief Manager of the Wrens Polling Precinct. Through this position, Tyler gained valuable skill in supervising elections and managing poll workers. In Jefferson County, the probate judge also serves as the countyís Election Superintendent and is charged with conducting and supervising all county elections. Tyler has the necessary experience to fulfill this important function of the office.

Tyler is an active and involved member of the community. Whether mentoring teenagers through church programs, coaching youth sports teams or fundraising for the Relay for Life, Tyler has shown his dedication to this community outside of his day-to-day practice of law.

Please vote for Tyler C. Mahaffey as Judge of Probate Court of Jefferson County. He has the right experience for the position and he is the right choice for Jefferson County.

Lee Woods,


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