May 28, 2009 Issue


Clements agrees with D’Antignac’s recent letter

Dear Editor:

I am very impressed with the letter from Mr. D’Antagnac in your 5-21-09 issue. I will go so far as to say I agree with it all. We need to keep in mind that this is another case of illegalities by our elected leaders.

Are we going to get some changes in our Board of County Commissioners? I have known newly-elected commissioner Wayne Davis all his life and I truly believe he will make a difference by standing up to our current board of dunderheads and keeping the citizens informed thereby eliminating the “gotcha” issues that are being imposed upon us with increasing regularity.

Perhaps Sen. Powell has single handedly helped us avoid another (in the words of County Administrator Paul Bryan) misstep by elected leaders. (Remember the “Thomson, Ga. ultra secret retreat” approximately one year ago) Note to Commissioner Wayne Davis: Publicize the time and location of your scheduled meetings with your constituents. A number of us want to join in on helping all Jefferson Countians become aware of what our leaders have in store for us.

Enough has already happened and I’m confident more will happen to have a “Housecleaning” to include all four of the veteran commissioners. You could be next in line to become our next Commission Chairman. All four existing commissioners are guilty for the deliberate/unintentional withholding of information that would have given the citizens a chance at input.

Another thing to remember is that while Sen Powell saved our bacon our illustreous State Representative from Washington County did his part to undercut the citizens right to be informed of activities that directly effect us. A Good Ole Boy in his first few months on the job. Mark him down for replacement also.

As we learn more about Mr. D’Antagnac, he could possibly be a viable candidate for elected office.

I am extremely impressed by the writings in this paper of Mr. Dan McDermott. He, in my opinion, would make an excellent elected official. Dan, I am offering my assistance in any political area in which you might be interested.

Robert Clements,



Lions offer thanks for support

Dear Editor:

The Louisville Lions Club would like to thank the community for their support of the Annual Broom Sale. Proceeds from the sale support our local sight conservation program which provides glasses for children and elderly people who would be unable to afford them otherwise.

Thank you,

Members of the Louisville Lions Club

SCLC promotes voter education but does not endorse candidates

Dear Editor:

My name is Mr. James Ivery, I am the president of the Jefferson Co. Ga. Chapter SCLC.

This letter is not a rant or rave but rather a letter of opinion on the sudject of the political arena and voting.

I have been recently accosted by citizens of Jefferson County and asked who will the Jefferson Co. Chapter SCLC endorse and support in the upcoming election of probate Judge.

At this time I would like to voice my opinion, expound a little on voter education, and set the record straight about the Jefferson Co. Chapter SCLC endorsing or supporting candidates for political office.

It is the National SCLC and the Jefferson Co. Ga. ChapterSCLC’S policies and procedures that this Organization can not, and will not endorse or support any Candidate for any office, and as president I will not in any way form or fashion subject or violate this organization’s policies and procedures. However the Jefferson Co. SCLC will hold voter registration drives, attend Candidate forums, and promote voter education.

As for voting for a particular Candidate, and this is my opinion, I will not vote for a candidate because of the color of his skin, sex, gender, or national origin; however, I will cast my vote for a candidate who has experience, who has shown leadership, and who has been seeking and working to make our community a more safe haven for all of Jefferson Co. Citizens.

I take my hat off to all candidates who have run for a particular office and lost, but had the courage and love for our community to continue to work and seek to upgrade our community in a positive way that will make our county a better place to live, love, and work.

“All power to the people!”

James Ivery
Jefferson Co. Ga.
Chapter SCLC


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