May 14, 2009 Issue


Wilcher feels probate position should be full time

Dear Editor:

Iím sure by now that most voters in Jefferson County are aware that candidates for probate judge are not required to have a law degree. But, for the past few days one thing has bothered me. I believe that some of the candidates, if elected, will treat this office as a part time job. In other words, I think he or she will visit the probate judgeís office a couple of hours each week, sign the paperwork prepared by the probate clerk, then return to their present job or profession on a full-time basis.

I canít speak for all the other voters and taxpayers, but in my opinion, an elected office that pays a $46,000 plus salary per year is not a part-time job. Not in Jefferson County anyway. For that kind of salary I expect that person to be in that office eight hours a day, five days a week. So I ask all voters to consider this carefully when you cast your vote.

Iím also sure that some of the candidates wonít like what they just read. I call that the unfortunate breaks. If any of them canít stand the criticism, itís not too late to drop out of the race.

Curt Wilcher



Good Samaritan applauded

Dear Editor:

ďA friend in need is a friend indeed.Ē

I had an unusual experience Saturday night (in March). I was heading home to Vidalia and just before Wrens the rain was so hard I couldnít see the road. I had been driving since Cherokee, NC and felt exhausted. As a result, I hit the blunt end of the curbing and busted both tires on the right side. I pulled the truck on the sidewalk to get out of the road. It was 6 p.m. and I knew I would never find a tire place open. Here I am in the pouring rain, two flat tires and 68 years old. What does one do in this situation? I certainly didnít expect anyone to stop and take me home.

I canít believe I did this but I began hitchhiking not knowing where I was going for I was about 60 miles from home. I canít recall the last time I was this scared and just plain lost.

I guess about 15 cars went by as I had my thumb out and then this pickup pulled over and stopped. I showed him my truck and we both agreed my truck was going nowhere. He got on his cell and called everyone he knew in the tire business but I guess they all were out for the night for he had no success. We went to about 10 locations hoping to find someone that would put on new tires but again no success. Rick drove through a drive in and bought us a coke. I said just let me out and I will get home the best I can. Rick said no way he was going to put me out in the rain with no way to travel. I said Rick you have no other options and he said he had one left, he could take me home.

I canít believe it but his man took me all the way to Vidalia right to my front door in the pouring down rain. Then, of course, he had to drive back to Wrens.

Mr./Mrs. Editor, I take my hat off to this good Samaritan. Just think how wonderful it would be if everyone in this world had this manís attitude.

Congratulations Rick, keep up the good job, we need you.


William H. Best

DíAntignac responds to Clements

Dear Editor:

Mr. Clements like all (far right republicans) do one thing and one thing only. RANT and RAVE. Theyíre very good at this. They have a national teacher (Rush Limbaugh). Like Rush, Clements doesnít have any solutions, but has plenty of complaints. He can point-blank tell you what the president is doing, and why he thinks itís wrong, but like all the others on the far right, they drink their tea, present no plan of their own, and keep saying no, no, no, to anything, and everything.

He can tell you all about who got what as far as the bail-out funds, but he fails to tell you that most of whom the president loan to, want to give the funds back, and doing better, as of this writing. Iíll be one of the first to tell you that what Sen. Christopher Dodd did was under-handed, and if the people of his state see fit to re-elect him for another term or not, I have no problem with that.

But let me just say this on the pork. Clements stated that: ďThe bailout/stimulus package approved by democrats and three republican traitors was a big knife in our backs.Ē He failed to inform you that the party of no, got 40 percent of that pork. They must have taken that knife out of our backs, and cut themselves a fat piece of pork, for each of their districts. Why not ask Mr. Clements how much of the pork his representative, and senator, got for his district, or better yet, how much the state of Georgia got. They rant and rave about it but I bet they didnít say no to the money.

Much has been said about the travels of our president, and 70 percent of it has been good.

To say that the President has (embarrassed our country with his hearty handshakes, smiles, bowing and general foot-kissing of our sworn enemies is a small-minded view of Pres. Obama, repairing our image around the world. Again, much has been said, and is still being said about those that broke the law in water-boarding. You should know this, because the far right wonít tell you that Pres. Obama didnít want to go forward on this matter, but some in his party does, and he now has to wait it out. Give most of the blame for this to Dick Chaney. If he had stayed quiet like George Bush, this matter would have passed, without little notice at all.

I will say this in defense of Jimmy Carter. He was a good Christian governor, and president, but Washington is not Georgia. He was out of his elements in DC, and I felt sorry for him. Still, compared to six years of Ronald Reagan, two years of Nancy Reagan, and four years of ďRead my lips...No new taxes,Ē George Bush Sr., Jimmy Carter was a blessing and a saint.

Clyde DíAntignac


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