May 7, 2009 Issue


Proposed power plant will pollute area

Dear Editor:

In an April 2 Augusta Chronicle news article, a Georgia Environmental Protection Division environmental regulator said that the proposed coal-fired power plant for Washington County is unlikely to affect air quality in Richmond County.

The regulator must not have taken into account that the prevailing winds are from west to east, and that every year the proposed plant would put almost 1,000 tons of soot into the air, and that most of the soot will settle to the east of Washington County.

Since Richmond County is about 70 miles east of Washington County, it seems to me that the coal-fired power plant is highly likely to increase dirty air in Richmond County. Jefferson County, which joins Washington County to the east, surely will be affected by the pollution from the dirty coal-fired plant -- even to the extent that those landowners who follow good forest-management practices and prescribe burn their lands for timber and wildlife production will not be permitted to burn, or their burning will be constrained because of the increased air pollution from Plant Washington’s emissions.

More than 90 percent of the electricity generated by the plant will go to metro Atlanta. They can’t build the plant near Atlanta because, according to the EPD, the air pollution the plant would emit would endanger the lives of the people living in the metro area.

So hang out the job carrot, build in rural Georgia and pollute our air and fill our rivers and streams with toxic mercury.

Georgia is currently a surplus producer of electricity. We sell electricity to other states. Why not focus on making Georgia a more energy-efficient state and not build more dirty coal-fired power plants that will be polluting our air and water for 40 to 50 years?

Thomas Black



Clements on Obama’s first 100 days

Dear Editor:

I have patiently waited in an attempt to be fair to our new president but before his first 100 days in office are up he has managed to hand us the largest (by far) spending bill(budget)in the history of this country, the most outrageous bailout/giveaway of taxpayer’s money in our history and he has, by his personal actions, dealt the future safety of all us a critical setback. His multi-trillion dollar budget/debt being dumped on we the taxpayers or rather our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc., which is loaded with “pork” and many special earmarks will never be repaid..........never ever repaid. We are already down to approximately 30% of the population paying all the bills for this country while those here illegally and those who are continuing to live, generation after generation off of taxpayer’s money are living better than a large percent of the taxpayers.

The bailout/stimulus package approved by democrats and three republican traitors was a big “knife in our backs”. Nobody, dems or repubs, read the 40 pound bunch of crud put together at the last minute by hoodlums like Senator Christopher Dodd, who deliberately made last minute changes that provided for the multi-million dollar bonuses for the financial geniuses employed by the so-called top financial institutions of our country who have received bailout money while their customer’s life savings went down the drain. Dodd lied several times before he finally admitted he was guilty. Currently his chances of getting re-elected in one of the most liberal states in this country are looking very slim but with re-election time still a good ways off he may be able to slither back up to the point that his re-election would not be an improbability.

Mr. Obama has not only pushed for the big bailouts from his first days in office but told us daily that it was the most critical issue we faced and his constant drumbeating to this effect was the biggest contribution to getting this massive stimulus package passed almost overnight. That pressure only aided thugs like Senator Dodd in achieving his goal of adding all the last minute changes knowing no one would have time to scan the material, much less read and comprehend the contents. Not even city councils operate in such ridiculous, irresponsible manner. This is the greatest, most powerful country in the world being run by thieves and inexperienced people who, by the way, are not all in Washington.

Recently our president has been doing a lot of traveling around the world and has embarrassed our country with his hearty handshakes, smiles, bowing and general foot-kissing of our sworn enemies, some of whom have referred to him in severely degrading terms. Not only that but he and his henchmen have opened all our military activities in the area of interrogation of the enemy laid out for the world to have access to. Terrorists everywhere are dancing in the streets because now they have the greatest recruiting tool in their history. They simply tell all prospective recruits that they need not worry about being captured because they will be kept in quarters second to none with the finest food and entertainment known to mankind........much better conditions, etc. than the average American taxpayer that is still able to take a vacation. Recruits will be told that their captors are the ones who will perhaps end up in prison if they fail to treat all prisoners like royalty. Immediately following 9-11 this country was united and we were at war in Afghanistan in pursuit of bringing those responsible to justice. Now our president who was a member of congress that approved the war and the interrogation methods has first said he would not pursue criminal charges against those accused of “torture” of the captives but recently changed his mind. It looks suspiciously like his vendetta against those who, up until now have, kept us free from any further terrorist attacks. This man, Obama, is beginning to resemble a former president, Jimmy Carter, who in many opinions, including mine, was the all-time worst president to hold the office and a man who apparently couldn’t find his hind quarters with both hands in his hip pockets.

Robert Clements

Mokowitz sees nuclear threat in Iran

Dear Editor:

Iran tested the launch of a Scud missile from a ship in the Caspian Sea, which was designed to provide the capability of launching intermediate range missiles from cargo ships sitting off coastlines. Also, within a few years Iran will have long range missiles capable of striking North America.

Iran could have nuclear warheads available to mount on missiles in late 2009. The U.S. and other countries do not have missile defense systems to ward off an attack. Counter strikes could be launched against Iran, but this would not prevent Iran from launching an initial strike based on irrational thinking by Amadmanejad and his Iranian cohorts.

The Obama Administration is making conciliatory gestures towards Iran, but is not making any progress in curtailing Iran’s nuclear development program. According to Walid Phares, an expert on global terrorism and the Middle East, “the perception in Tehran is the Obama Administration will not use everything at its disposal to apply pressure on Iran”.

Furthermore, Obama’s apparent bow to Saudi King Abdullah is perceived as an act of submission and weakness by the international community.

I fear Obama’s naive blunders will embolden Iran to pursue and possibly use its nuclear missile capabilities.

Donald A. Moskowitz
Londonderry, NH


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