April 16, 2009 Issue


Bryan urges all to research the facts about gun control

Dear Editor:

I respect Mr. D’Antignac for supporting the right to own firearms to defend property and family. His original letter, though, would lead one to believe he backs gun control and registration. As to his assertion that the AK-47 is well known in Mexico, perhaps he is right but a real, combat AK-47 is illegal to own in the U.S. If “banned” firearms were caught heading for the border, then those involved need to be arrested and brought to justice.

As I said in my last letter, the NRA backs all reasonable gun laws. His statement that “many proud members of the NRA will sell you a banned firearm” just doesn’t ring true. If someone is selling “banned” firearms, they need to be caught and punished.

The solution is not more gun laws, the solution is enforcement of those laws already on the books.

I support the NRA because, as an organization, they are constantly battling those who would take away our 2nd amendment rights. There are several bills being presented in Congress that would seriously impact a citizen’s right to own a gun. There are groups such as the Brady Campaign that use emotion and false data to support these bills.

I would simply urge everyone to research the facts about gun control and not rely on the anti-gunners or the NRA for all your information.

John Bryan
Wrens, GA



Act was a terrorist attack

Dear Editor:

An American ship and its crew have been captured by Muslim terrorists, also glamorized in politically correct speak as Somali pirates. Seizing our ship was a terrorist attack and by any legal definition, an act of war against America. Congress gets the same security and threat briefings that the president gets. Congress knows that these people are terrorists, they’ve known it for almost 20 years. The president has known it since he was a member of congress.

Intelligence agencies know who the terrorists are, where they live and where their operating bases are located. Over the past year these terrorists have extorted over fifty million dollars to fund terrorist activities.

Special forces and Navy seals are begging to be allowed to go in and kill these terrorists. Instead our government protects the terrorists by refusing to admit that they exist. Only congress has the authority to declare war after America is attacked, but just like after 9-11 the do-nothing, gutless, dysfunctional mob called congress refuses to see the attack or the enemy terrorists. The only thing consistent about congress is its perpetual refusal to identify or accept its responsibility.

Dan McDermott

A sampling of what’s going on

Dear Editor:

Do we have a fair and balanced news media in America? Should we all be proud of “the NO on Everything republicans in office?” Here is a sampling of what is happening in America:

(1) A couple of weeks ago Vice Pres. Chaney told America that President Obama was making America unsafe. Bush upon leaving office, forgot to send him a memo to take his heart medicine, and to keep his trap shut. With all the things that he had a hand in, (to keep us safe), only made the rest of the world hate us more. He’s a sick old man that misses the limelight, and authority. Between him and Rush, the pill-popper, they should be quiet.

(2) The day Bush left office he granted a commutation of sentence for two former Border Patrol agents convicted of shooting a convicted drug smuggler.

(2a) True, and everybody and their brothers believe that these two did their jobs, and shouldn’t have been convicted of any crime. Bush should have pardoned them both. With all of the drug dealers he pardon while in office, it makes you wonder, why anyone would want to be a Border Patrol agent.

Throughout Bush eight years in office, he issued 155 pardons and 11 commutations If anyone wants the names of these people, and why they were pardoned, or commuted, e-mail me at mrcjd3@sbcglobal.net and I will give you their names, and the whys.

(3) It was printed that A few weeks ago the Bush daughters left gift baskets of flowers, candy, stuffed animals, DVDs and CDs for the Obama daughters along with sincere notes of encouragement.

(3a) I’m sure the Obamas sent the Bush daughters a thank you note from them, and their daugthers for the gifts and notes of encouragements.

Again it was printed that (Eight years ago Clinton and Gore staffers ripped computer and electrical wires from the White House walls, stuffed piles of paper, etc. into the White House toilets, systematically removed the letter “W” from every computer key-pad in the entire White House and damaged thousands of dollars worth of furniture in the White House master bedroom).

If that was so, it would have made national news. If no where else, surely it would have been on the so-call (Fair and Balance) Fox Cable News. I would like to see proof of this from the writer of that statement. Send it to the above e-mail address.(Please).

(4) Fuming over what the last two Inauguration Parties cost, seem childish. All Presidents and their parties do this every 4 years. If you don’t like what and how they do what they do, (write your congressmen/women) and make your feelings known.

It just goes to show that one only has to pay attention to the news media, even if you only look and listen to the so-call (Fair and Balance) Fox Cable News, and one can become just as informed as anyone who researches these matters, and report the Facts. Not what they want the (General-Public) to see, and read, but the truth, and the facts, period.

Clyde D’Antignac
(Future resident of Wadley)

Bynum warns of sludge danger

Dear Editor:

Georgia promotes spreading Salmonella on food crops, then wants to send food processors to jail and fine them when Salmonella reaches the consumer.

The Peanut Corp. of America’s Blakely plant Salmonella outbreak has brought renewed interest in food safety. As we have seen one company’s problem can destroy lives, both health wise and money wise, in any part of the country as well as bringing the industry to its knees. The cost can be astronomical for individuals and other businesses.

In the rush to fix the problem, new conflicting laws are passed which may inflict punishment on the wrong people. As an example, if Salmonella contaminated sewage sludge or Salmonella chicken manure was used to fertilize the peanuts, it would be very difficult to keep Salmonella out of the food processing plant. Therefore, it would seem a little strange that the state of Georgia would want to punish the food processor while promoting Salmonella contaminated sludge and manure (both referred to as biosolids) on food crops.

The new food safety law to protect the public was recently passed by the Georgia House and in the Senate as Bill 80. However, it only applies to commercial food processing plants that manufactures food for human consumption. It states, “Commissioner shall by rule or regulation establish requirements for regular testing of samples or specimens of foods and ingredients by food processing plants for the presence of poisonous or deleterious substances or other contaminants rendering such foods or ingredients injurious to health.”

On the other hand House Bill 238, effective July 1, 2009, states, The Board of Natural Resources shall adopt technical regulations governing sludge land application and procedural regulations for approval of sludge land application systems, including public notice and public hearing requirements. ‘Sludge land application’ means the placement of sludge on or under the ground surface for the purpose of sludge disposal, soil conditioning, or agricultural enhancement. Such term specifically excludes treated effluent, septage, and sludge treated to further reduce pathogens by such processes as composting, heat drying, or heat treating.

Salmonella is one of the pathogens in question. What this means is that a farmer only has to wait 30 days before harvesting crops on land fertilized with sludge. If sludge is composted or heat dried, there is no records necessary. You noticed the law said further reduce pathogens. However, there is no law requiring the sludge be tested for pathogens that grow best between 77 and 104 degF such as E. coli and Salmonella. What the state allows is for the cities to use a test called Fecal Coliform that eliminates all pathogens that will not grow at an elevated temperature of 112.1degF after being kept at that temperature for 24 hours. E. coli, Salmonella and Klebsiella are a few of the elevated temperature bacteria the state will allow at 1,000 bacteria per gram of sludge after treatment. The heat of the test damages the bacteria and prevents the bacteria from growing at optimum rates, if at all.

However, the state understands that as long as the bacteria get food to eat and moisture to drink, those bacteria will recover and double every 20 minutes. In effect, the state is promoting sludgicide through farmers and food processors while pretending to protect the public.

Jim Bynum, VP
Help for Sewage Victims
(816) 699-3975
Smithville, Mo

Craft store policy is wasteful!

Dear Editor:

An employee at Michael’s Craft Store smashes new coffee cups while another empties vials of glitter into a trash can and steps on boxes of candy canes. “What are you doing?” I asked. “We are getting rid of our old merchandise,” they replied.

“Don’t you think that Goodwill or a nursing home could use this stuff?” I asked, watching an older lady ask if she could take the trashed vials to use in her classroom.

“This is corporate policy,” the clerk shrugged. “When we are done with a seasonal item we destroy it. I just do what I am told, if you have a problem with it, call 1-800-michael and complain.”

Maybe that is what is wrong with America. We have become so focused on the bottom line and a disposable lifestyle we have lost sight of the big picture. A call to 1-800-642-4235 led to a customer service representative who noted the complaint. A visit to Michaels.com/communityrelations states “Michael’s does not make product or monetary donations to support the following: individuals or group participation in events or fundraisers, international organizations, religious fundraisers or veteran’s organizations.

What would be the harm in donating unused craft kits to organizations like Help Hospitalized Veterans www.hhv.org or Goodwill?

Why does Michael’s pay substandard wages to workers in China then use our precious oil to ship trinkets to the United States only to add them to our landfills?

I urge all Michael’s customers to call 1-800-642-4235 and complain about this wasteful and self-serving policy of destroying unsold items. I assume that the corporate bean-counters will make excuses about the problems of distribution to local charities, the cost of reshipping, the worries about employee theft or favoritism, but these “problems” are not insurmountable. Michael’s first corporate tactic will probably be to change this wasteful policy to destroy perfectly good merchandise behind closed doors.

As we enter a new era in American history, it is time for us to become consumers with a conscience.

Can individuals make a difference in changing unfair or wasteful policies in large corporations? Yes we can, especially if we threaten to hit them right where it hurts…in their wallets.

Connie Barrow


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