April 9, 2009 Issue


Edwards thanks sponsors of reading program

Dear Editor:

The Jefferson County Library System has just completed the six sessions of Prime Time Family Reading Time at the Wadley Library. It was truly a wonderful and exciting program for families in Wadley. During the six weeks, both adults and children from 20 families participated. This program was supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act as administered by Georgia Public Library Service, a unit of the University System of Georgia. The Georgia Humanities Council provided additional funding.

The storytelling and discussions were exciting with everyone, adults and children, eager to share their thoughts and ideas. Books chosen for each session contributed to the theme, Journeys. The programs were designed to integrate reading, listening and discussion. Everyone discovered that stories and reading can be fun and exciting. A further benefit was the bonding and interaction within the family around reading.

Even though the Library System received a grant for Prime

Time Family Reading, all expenses were not covered by the grant. Without support from businesses in the county who provided door prizes and money for meals and books, the Jefferson County Library could not have presented this series of programs. The Prime Time participants, program presenters, library staff, volunteers and I thank the following businesses for their help in making this wonderful opportunity available to families in Jefferson County:

Bargeron Insurance Agency, Inc., Bargeron Properties, Inc., Bargeron Realty Company, Battle Lumber Company, Blanchard Equipment Company, Inc., Blimpie, Cooper Machine Company, Corner Drive Inn, Dairy Queen, Davis Air Control, Davis-McGraw, Inc., Department of Family and Children’s Services, First State Bank, Foster’s, Georgia Power Company, Henderson Chevrolet Company, Inc., Ingles of Louisville, Jefferson Energy Cooperative, Jet Food Store of Wadley, Leak Man, McDonald’s of Louisville, The News and Farmer, Popeye’s Chicken, Purvis’ Barbecue, Queensborough National Bank & Trust, Subway Sandwich Shop of Louisville, Wadley Dental Clinic and Waffle King.

Again, thank you for supporting the efforts of the Jefferson County Library System to serve the families of Jefferson County.


Patricia Edwards
Director Jefferson County Library System



McDermott on the definitions of noncombatant contingents

Dear Editor:

We can finally relax. There is no more war on terror or enemy combatants. The only concern that faces us now is being killed by noncombatant overseas contingency operators. Can noncombatant overseas contingency operators legally come to America to kill us or would coming here make them illegal aliens or undocumented workers? Is it legal to detain noncombatant overseas contingency operators in American or try them in American courts? Does the Geneva Convention override American courts? How about Sharia law, does it take precedence?

If a noncombatant overseas contingency operator captures an American in America, can he behead or torture the American in America or must the American be moved overseas first?

The ACLU and the Supreme Court need to decide these matters before America is attacked again and ultimately forced into a serious lawsuit. The taxpayers cannot afford another enormous settlement like the bailouts or stimulus. Does anyone actually believe the incoherent, babbling nonsense from these cartoon politicians who profess to be leading the nation?

Dan McDermott

D’Antignac responds to letter on firearms and the law

Dear Editor:

On Mr. Bryan’s letter of April 2, I would like for him to know that I am one those people who own two hand guns and have a license for them. And no, I am not a member of the NRA. I believe that anyone responsible with a license should be able to own a firearm to defend property, family and oneself. I won’t get into the Hillary speech. Like him I will assume he has no love for her, or the leftwing blogs.

But I will say this. When one doubts something about another human being, one must know that person very well to say that he does not know what the definitions of a subject is or, what it’s designed or capable to do. As a ( proud member of the NRA) surely he knows that there are a lot of unlawful firearms in this country. If not, does he not read the junk mail that he gets from other proud non/NRA members. Out here, in and around Houston, they have so many (GUN-SHOWS) it’ll make your head dizzy from how many proud members of the NRA that will sell you a banned firearm after hours.

Also, one would have to be a member of the drug cartels to know what weapons they are using. But let me inform Mr. Bryan on a fact: The AK-47 is well known in the Mexican country as the Cuerno de Chivo (Spanish for “ram’s horn”), in clear reference to the curved form of the magazine These weapons don’t fall out of the sky, they are sent from this country. Just last week on TV here, there was a load caught heading for the border, all banned firearms. Last but not least, I too will urge everyone to purchase a firearm, take a training course, get a concealed carry permit, but I won’t tell them to join the NRA. I will let them make up their minds to what they want to join.

Clyde D’Antignac


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