March 19, 2009 Issue


Proposed plant threatens local fish consumption

Dear Editor:

Did you know that the most widespread pollution in the Ogeechee River is caused by toxic mercury?

Did you know that the State of Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) has published an advisory for the eating of fish from the Ogeechee River because ot the mercury that accumulates in the fish?

“ Our big concern is that the fish in the Ogeechee River are already laden with toxic mercury,” said Chandra Brown,executive director of the Ogeechee-Canoochee Riverkeeper organization. “So much so that you should only eat one meal a month of the largemouth bass caught in the river and one meal a week of catfish. That is the state’s guidelines not ours”

Brown said 99 percent of the mercury in the river comes from air pollution and the proposed mega-coal-fired power plant planned for Washington County will likely put an extra 122 pounds of mercury into the air per year. “The federal government has said another 19 pounds into the river would make the fish so toxic that no one could eat them,” Brown said.

Come to the meeting at the Louisville Library meeting room Tuesday at 7 P.M. March 24 to be more informed and ask questions. Brown will speak about the impact on water quality in Jefferson County. Justine Thompson with Green Law will speak about the impact on air quality in Jefferson from the proposed mega-coal-fired powered plant for neighboring Washington County.

Thomas Black,



Mayor invites all to annual egg hunt

Dear Editor:

This year’s Easter Egg Hunt is planned for Saturday, April 4 at 11 a.m. at the Helen Clark Memorial Park. The community-wide event is sponsored by the City of Louisville, the Louisville Rotary Club, the Louisville Kiwanis Club, the Louisville Lion’s Club, Jefferson Hospital and Louisville’s Fire Department. Teenager members of the Key Clubs from the county’s two high schools help the Mayor hide the eggs. Children ages 1-12 are invited to come out and enjoy a great time. Free hotdogs, hamburgers, cokes, and chips will be available following the event.

There will be prizes for children finding the special golden eggs and the Easter Bunny will arrive at the start of the event riding on our newest fire truck! Parents bring your cameras; the Easter Bunny loves to visit with the children and will pose with them for pictures.

We appreciate the willingness of so many groups coming together to give pleasure to our community children. They are our future and this is a great opportunity to show our love and encouragement to them. Please come out and enjoy the day. Bring your lawn chairs and watch these little ones scoop up the treats once the fire truck horn blows!!


Rita Culvern,
Mayor for the City of Louisville

PACK encourages everyone to kick butts

Dear Editor:

KICK BUTTS DAY is a National event started in September 1995 by The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, also known as the National Center for Tobacco-Free Kids. The one day event takes place every year. This year Kick Butts Day will take place on March 25th, 2009. The purpose of this event is to gather together our youth to stand up, to be vocal and to take control in the fight against tobacco. The goal for Kick Butts Day is to protect children from exposure and addiction to tobacco. We work to accomplish this in ways such as; raising awareness that tobacco use is unfortunately becoming a pediatric disease, by changing public policies to limit the marketing and sales of tobacco to children, by changing the environment in which tobacco use and policy decisions are made, and by aggressively countering the tobacco industry and its special interest. “The annual event encourages activism and leadership among elementary, middle and high school students. It’s the day that our America’s kids stand up to tobacco and America’s adults standup for kids.”

Elizabeth O’Connor, Secretary
Glascock Youth Leadership PACK

Terrorists to use Mexican border

Dear Editor:

Northern Mexico is being prepped to become the new tribal area of Pakistan.Al-Qaida, thru their drug traffic network with the Taliban and MS-13 gaining control of Mexico along the U.S. border. When they have sufficient control, Al-Qaida training camps will follow quickly. These camps will serve as bases to launch suicide bombers and sniper teams into America, just as Hezbollah attacks Israel from Gaza.MS-13 distributes drugs to all major cities in the U.S. and Canada. They can just as easily move terrorists and nuclear or biological weapons. The Mexican police and U.S. Border Patrol are outnumbered and outgunned.

They’re fighting something a lot larger and better armed and financed than the always unidentified “Mexican drug cartel.” America is on the verge of being invaded without a sign of a uniformed army anywhere in sight. Just as the Taliban took over Afghanistan from Pakistan, Muslim terrorists will enter the U.S. across the Mexican border to MS-13 safe houses scattered all across America. After smuggling in tons of drugs and millions of illegals, how hard will it be to bring in a few thousand terrorists and weapons of mass destruction?

Dan McDermott


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