February 26, 2009 Issue


Morrison feels Obama will be compared to Chavez

Dear Editor:

The other night I was watching two men on TV discussing whether President Obama is most like Gandhi or Jesus Christ. Personally, I think he comes closest to Jesus because Gandhi couldn’t work miracles and Obama has performed numerous miracles since becoming President.

First he whipped up a trillion dollar welfare bill that rewards all of the left wing crooks that financially supported his run for president. At the same time he is reducing the defense budget by ten percent. This bill does nothing to stimulate the economy but I don’t hear anyone complaining about the bill or the fact that he is depriving our troops of much needed funds during a time of war. I guess that because no one really knows what’s in the bill and they couldn’t care less about our military.

Second, he has convinced most Americans that he inherited a terrible economy from George Bush. The Democrats have chaired every banking and finance committee in both the Congress and Senate for the last two years and it was the Democrats who used an organization named ACORN to sue banks, forcing them to make subprime loans to people who had no job, no money and no down payment. The economy was fine when the Republicans were in power.

Third, Obama is going to sign a housing bill that will use our tax dollars to pay off the mortgages for all of those deadbeats who got those subprime loans. Again, the miracle is that he American people don’t care.

Of course, Obama’s most spectacular miracle will be when he changes the United States of America into the United Socialist States of America. That’s something the Democrats have been trying to do for 40 years.

Unfortunately, I think before Pres. Obama’s first term is up, we’ll be comparing him to Chavez of Venezuela not Jesus of Nazareth. By then it will be too late.

Carl R. Morrison



D'Antignac on Clements' letter

Dear Editor:

First, I want to thank Mr. Robert Clements on his compliment, about my (significant writing ability). That brought a really (LOL) out of me, but one-sided, it’s not. Secondly, I want to return the compliment, and to say I enjoy his and others opinions in this weekly paper. Third, I want to thank this paper for allowing us to vent our opinions. As for the tax cuts, there’s nothing quite a bit off reality about that. I and others realize that all over this country, there are states, counties, and cities, giving tax cuts and tax brakes to business, just to keep them around. I know they have to make a profit, when they invest their money into a business, but I also know they don’t make any profit from that investment or business, without the labor force.

You also state that “Most are not dummies so they are well aware that when the government increases their taxes they have two choices, raise the cost of their services or close their business and send more to the ever-growing “unemployed” line. There are no other choices. "Yes there are choices. First, most were given tax brakes just to build or start up a business. So when they are taxed some, they're not losing anything, they're just giving some of the tax brakes back. I can't speak for America, but I would rathe ryou go up on the goods than close down the business. Putting me in the unemployment lines, doesn't make the business or me any money."

I don’t totally blame “Bush” for the trouble we’re in. I only blame him for listening to Chaney, about invading Iraq. If anybody is “sheep-like” ( a meek, unimaginative, or easily led person) it’s “Bush,” not me.

The other 60 percent of the blame goes to both parties and houses of Congress. While we’re doing facts, let’s see if I agree with yours or mine.

(1) Bill Clinton’s administration put a lot of pressure on the lending institutions to make loans to those who, like the entire population, would like to own a home.

(1a) If we are going back to Bill, let’s not forget Ronald Reagan with deregulation. Bill just continued Reagan’s policies, and expanded on them. Plus he left office with a surplus. Hello, did we forget?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that this was the beginning of the downfall of those lenders because many who were provided with loans couldn’t even pay their rent. It is sad but true that everyone is not qualified to purchase and make payments on their own home.

This one I will half way agree with, because if you’re blaming this on Bill, Bush continued on the same path.

(2) The downfall began with the housing industry, which slowly dissolved into affecting many other entities.

(2a) True, Bill, Bush and both parties of both Houses are at fault.

(3) As the crumbling began the stock market began to collapse from a record all-time high to the disaster we are now experiencing.

(3a) Bush and both parties of both Houses are at fault.

(4) The labor unions and taxes “on the rich” are what has driven the business owners to send jobs out of the country (Reference GM, Chrysler and Ford for union results).

(4a) This country was founded on too much taxes, but we’re worse off now than back then. Reason...It takes taxes to run this or any country. As for unions, if not for them, there would be lots more (Taco Bells, Wendy’s and McDonald’s) jobs. Why? Because the rich wouldn’t give a fair wage. If you would complain, they would send you through a revolving door.

(5) Check the record. The Democrats took over control of congress several years ago, which just happens to coincide with the all-time high in the stock market, which has now fallen to the mere crumbs we are now experiencing.

(5a) Remember Bill Clinton that you so like blaming the start of the downfall, well check your records. He had in his second term, a Republican house and senate. The dems didn’t get back control until the 2006 elections.

Let me remind you that the reason the Dems regain control, is the Republicans screwed-up everything and America wanted change.

You have to blame congress because the president, whether it be Bush, Obama or Roosevelt, can do only two things, veto a bill from congress or approve it.

Now this I can go along with you 90 percent. As you can already see, congress has the control of all laws, bills, etc.

Blind I’m not. Mr. Clements.

Want more proof? Bush’s approval rating was 29 percent while the Democrat-controlled congress’s approval was 16 percent.

Now that I believe is vice versus, congress 29 percent and Bush 16 percent.

You said “Unions, illegal aliens and taxes are what caused this but illegal aliens will work for much less because they don’t have to pay those outrageous union dues.”

I explained unions above. As for illegal aliens, I don’t know if you know, but they’re becoming the Majority in America really fast. I made my statement about sending jobs out of the country because it’s true. I retired from a union job, and if you don’t know, you better ask somebody because the Hispanics are joining unions faster than whites and blacks out here in Texas.

He also stated sending jobs out of the country and getting the cheap products back “to sell to us poor unemployed Americans.”

I used the statement “to sell to us poor unemployed Americans” to make a point, but I am retired. Maybe that doesn’t qualify me for being unemployed, but I don’t work or plan to work for anyone again.

Mr. Clements, when I build my home in Wadley, I’ll bring the wife and my small dog. That will be my survival kit. I am sorry that Jefferson County is dealing with double digit unemployment. If you will send me the address to the local food pantries there, I’ll give what I can toward my future neighbors.

Thank you for the future welcome and sharing.

Future Wadley Resident
Clyde D’Antignac

Clements on D'Antignac's letter

Dear Editor:

Mr. D’Antignac (future resident of Wadley) gave us an overdose of how proud he was “of democrats’ work in office.” Maybe I can give him a little more to be proud of.

Last week I emphasized that the disastrous economy was initiated by the Clinton Aministration urging lending institutions to make loans to all who asked, including homeless, jobless, etc. which started the collapse of the homebuilding industry and other associated entities. Statistics out this week show that 94 percent of Americans are paying their house payments on time. Apparently the other 6 percent now requires that we not only bail them out but float ourselves a loan of approximately three quarters of a trillion dollars.

Nobody who had a vote ever read much, if any, of the nine pound document because it was given to them at the last minute.

One note of significance is that a nice little chunk of this mega-tons of money is specifically earmarked for a leashless dog park yet included not one dollar for the recovery of the Katrina Disaster victims in Louisiana. Katrina was one item that drew consistant Bush Bashing because he had not responded to to the Katrina issue in a manner pleasing to all Dems, nationwide. Check it out. I can only assume the Dog Park was payback for one of the three Republican traitors (Heroes to Mr. D) who voted for this wasteful monstrousity. Mr. D says Republicans offer no solution other than tax cuts. The republican plan that I saw on national television proposed “No income taxes for a year/9 months.” I guess Mr. D forgot about this when he stated Repubs. were doing nothing for the middle class taxpayer and I assume he feels the $12/wk. that the Dems and traitors have given us is more helpful.

Maybe he pays less than $12/wk income tax but I pay more than $50/day federal income tax. Anyway Mr. D can take his doggie to the spanking new leashless dog park.

When Bush asked for money to fund our troops and the war in Iraq, all things democrat, except Joe Leiberman who finally switched parties, began their personal war to get a democrat, any democrat, back in the presidency.

Bush was called worse than Hitler, baby killer, etc. and his funding request was fought to the bloody end with Bush standing firm for his proposed “surge” in Iraq. These heroes of Mr. D said the “the war is lost,” “bring all military home now” while Senator Murtha was accusing our soldiers of murdering innocent women and children but never uttered an apology when proven to be untrue.

As the surge began working the dems backpedaled and regrouped. (I will note here that Mr. D appears to thrive on bashing Stapleton resident Dan McDermott for McDermott’s conservative writings to this paper. I know nothing of Mr. D’s occupation, military service, etc., but Mr. McDermott has my undying gratitude for his military service for our country, as does Mr. D if he served. McDermott is a retired military veteran).

Nothing further was said about “Bush’s illegal war although Bush had the backing of his tormentors before declaring war on Iraq. Instead they selected the economy which they had already run aground (The stock market was at an all-time high a couple of years ago) and it became the Bush economy as it rushed to the bottom. Go back and see at what point in the presidential campaigns the dems last used the Iraq war as a weapon to bash Bush and repubs.

These magnificent leaders, the democrat controlled congress, deliberately failed to do anything to restore the economy because they knew their sheep and the media would believe/publish anything negative about Bush. They guessed correctly and watched, gleefully as our economy tanked, thereby ruining any retirement comfort for millions of their fellow Americans. That is how they sold out our entire country for the presidency of the United States.

So far its only around $2 trillion but it ain’t near about over. Many of us have already lost a lot, if not all, of our nest eggs/retirement. Maybe the $12/wk will see us all through these coming months/years of a depression. If you haven’t started on your personnal survival plan, you better get started, all of you, including Mr. D.

To quote Thomas Jefferson “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take everything you have.”

Can our government get much bigger with only the middle-class taxpayers carrying the load? Most all of income taxes are from the pockets of the middle-class taxpayers because a large percent of our citizens pay no taxes and, technically, the “Rich” pay no taxes. The rich simply increase the cost of their services/products to the American public in order to provide themselves with their customary profit.

Thusly, the American public is paying the taxes for the rich. That is the American way and always will be. Have you ever heard of the rich staying in business while losing tons of money each day?

No, you must be thinking of our government. Contrary to Mr. D’s comments, only the republican proposed tax cuts would have meaningfully aided the middle-class.

Robert Clements,
Future resident of the Poor House, Louisville

Gordy mourns loss of ministers

Dear Editor:

Bad things often happen in threes. It has happened in this part of Jefferson County in recent months with the passing of three retired ministers.

They are Rev. Grady Summer, who ministered for over three decades at Louisville’s First Baptist Church; Rev. Burch Beckum of the Moxley Charge of the United Methodist Church; and Licensed Minister Danny Stevens of the old Louisville Nazarene Church.

With the deaths of these men, Christendom has been dealt a telling blow.

While I was a member of Rev. Summer’s flock the entire time he was at First Baptist, I heard both Rev. Beckum and licensed Minister Danny Stevens deliver sermons.

Sadly and strangely, the local Nazarene Church lies empty and still on Sundays like the voices of these three servants of our Lord.

Mr. Stevens’ widow, Ruth, is retired from the main office of Thermo King here. She lives on Pete Smith Road.

Rev. Beckum’s widow, Florine, is a resident of the Heritage of Old Capital Nursing Home.


Bob Gordy

Carrolls thank EMTs for quick response

Dear Editor:

I had a stroke just after midnight on New Years Eve. My wife called 911 and the EMTs were at our home in less than ten minutes. They were prepared and immeditely started the appropriate IV. We arrived at University Hospital in less than 45 minuted from the time we first called.Their response and preparedness was greatly responsible for my quick reovery. The medical personnel were quick to acknowledge this fact.

We are so grateful for their professionalism and genuine caring. Also we have felt the many prayers being offered from so many folk and churches in their caring ministries.

A “thank you” seems inadequate for all the support we have felt but we do say it and mean it genuinely. God bless all of you.

Tip and Kathy Carroll,

Anderson family says thanks to fire fighters

Dear Editor:

I want to say a big thank you to the Avera Fire Department for responding so quickly and efficiently to a 911 call last Saturday afternoon. Because of their quick response, they were able to prevent a brush fire from spreading into something that could have been a disaster. We know our fire department is here for us, but until we need them we don’t realize how much we should appreciate them for their hard work and dedication, especially knowing that they are volunteers who are willing to serve our community.

Thank you so much to the wonderful men of the Avera Fire Department.

Venera Anderson
and family

Writer takes issue with "desolate"

Dear Editor:

The unfortunate use of the word “desolate” in the first line of the Dem Monde article by staffer Leila Borders has me incensed! Granted, Grange is an unincorporated, sparsely settled, crossroads community, but, I shall quote, “Out of the desolate crossroads of Grange, something brave this way comes.,” is insulting to the people who live there. Grange is not just the crossroads area but the area surrounding it for several miles in each direction. If “desolate” is a fair description of Grange, then that word “desolate” could also be used to describe some of the small towns surrounding Grange. Let’s see, there’s Davisboro, Edgehill, Gibson, Stapleton, Avera, and yes, even Louisville. The people who consider these towns desolate have moved away and only come back for funerals or maybe a wedding, or never. The people who live there and former residents who visit and return because that’s “home,” do not consider it “desolate.” The News and Farmer owes a retraction of that word in the article to describe Grange. I presume that word is either attributable to Ms. Borders or to Randy Cain, a resident of Grange, whose name I expected to find in there somewhere and did so at the end. I can’t place those three young people as having a connection to Grange although two of the girls do look “somewhat” familiar.

Are the names of the all female group their own or AKA’s?

Thank you.

Barbara Garrett
P.S. I grew up in Grange and have relatives who live at the crossroads and I don’t think they consider it desolate. I now live in Charlotte since I am older, near my daughter. I am a member of the Jones family and lived at the crossroads until three years ago. And, yes, I do miss it. I visit it when I can and still call it “home.”


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