February 19, 2009 Issue


D'Antignac proud of democrats' work in office

Dear Editor:

I and all of America have watched the house republicans, and all but three brave republican senators do, was nothing but whine and slap the hands that have reached across party lines. They say they have a better plan, but I’ve yet to hear much about it, other than tax cuts, tax cuts and more tax cuts.

If it were up to them, we would tax cut our way out of this problem and make sure the good ole boys and girls keep fattening their pockets as if they were doing the last eight plus years. At least the Kabuki performers wore make up. The republicans in the house, and the majority of them in the senate don’t care if the middle class American taxpayers get help from the goverment.

Most of them are trying to make a name for themseleves and to show John McCain he doesn’t lead their party anymore. You would think by now, McCain and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) would want to take a long vacation behind that good ole wuppin’ that the ballot box put on them in the general election. If you watch both C-SPAN channels, the republicans in both houses are running around, bumping into each other just like those Keystone Cops.

What we have now is, competence, leadership and common sense. No one wants to spend this kind of money, but something is better than nothing. Show the American people a better plan whereas it will do something for them now, other than tax cuts. That wont buy you gas, groceries or anything else (right now). The Keystone cops comedy was funny. This problem isn’t.

Dan (McDermott, a letter writer from last week), if you’re that secure money wise, more power to you and yours. I was told, and I’m sure you were told or heard that you have to crawl before you walk. Well, some have crawled, walked, and are crawling again. Have you not seen some of your friends in and around Jefferson and surrounding counties go under? If not, it will be long before you see it. It’s going to take a while to get us out of this probem. Pres. Obama and the democrats don’t have all the answers, nor does the republican party, but together they better find a solution to it.

I voted for change. Yes, I voted for Obama because he had the change I wanted for America. If John McCain would have presented a better message other than tax cuts, and drill baby drill, America and I would have voted for him, and he might be president. He and his inmates are running around as if the asylum is still theirs.

They’re conplaining about the stimulus bill, but they’re not telling America what they would do better. There’s nothing comical about them, other than to say........Sad, really sad.

Clyde D’Antignac
Future Resident of Wadley



Panthers ask for support

Dear Editor:

The Glascock County Football players, the coaching staff and the parents of the players would like to express their sincere appreciation and thanks to the Glascock County community for the way they supported their recent Sunday Luncheon Fundraiser.

As everyone knows, our football program had a very successful 2008 season and broke many records for their school. As a result of this we wanted to let the boys and coaches know how much we appreciate them so we are purchasing commemorative rings for each of them. This decision required raising several thousand dollars and as a result of the Sunday Luncheon we are almost at our goal. It is amazing what a small county can do when they set their mind to it. All the folks involved in the organizing of the luncheon worked together so well and the community came forward and supported us for a successful event. We also had several individuals who gave donations to this fundraiser and we want you to know how much we appreciate your support and faith in our football program. We would like to say a great big Thank you to everyone involved in this effort.


2008 Glascock County football players, Coaches and parents

Grandmother impressed by Wrens Rec. Dept. coaches

Dear Editor:

For the first time in a number of years I have had an opportunity to attend activities sponsored by the Wrens Recreation Department. My daughter and grandson recently moved back to this area. My grandson had not had the opportunity to participate in activities where they lived before so he was thrilled to finally be able to be involved in team activities. In an effort to be the involved grandparent, I attended most of his games. His excitement and obvious joy, of course, thrilled my heart. I am impressed with his prowess (a grandma’s evaluation) on the field and court. However, I am more impressed (no grandma bias) by his coaches. In a time when the hustle and bustle of everyday living causes many to decline when asked about being a volunteer, it is heart warming to watch and witness all that these individuals are willing to give. They are patient with the less athletically-inclined, demanding of yet nurturing to the gifted ones, eager to praise, never critical, and quick to comfort both injuries and feelings. I feel strongly that the community should show their appreciation in a more formal manner but until that happens this grandma just wants to say, “Thank You” to each of them for all that they have been to and done for my little superstar!


Barbara F. Thomas

Clements points to congress

Dear Editor:

Mr. Clyde D’Antignac (Future resident of Wadley) displays significant writing ability when he responds to various letters to the editor but some of his ideas seem a little one-sided (much like my own letters).

First of all his references to “Tax cuts for the rich” a quite a bit off reality. The so-called “rich” are largely those who have risked their own money/property to build a business, large or small, that provides the majority of the livelihoods in our country.

Most are not dummies so they are well aware that when the government increases their taxes they have two choices, raise the cost of their services or close their business and send more to the ever-growing “unemployed” line. There are no other choices. Either way the results are putting the expenses back on those purchasing their services or on the ever-growing load on the taxpayers backs.

The blaming of “Bush” or the republicans is simply a sheeplike response of those who simply don’t know the facts.

(1) Bill Clinton’s administration put a lot of pressure on the lending institutions to make loans to those who, like the entire population, would like to own a home.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that this was the beginning of the downfall of those lenders because many who were provided with loans couldn’t even pay their rent. It is sad but true that everyone is not qualified to purchase and make payments on their own home.

(2) The downfall began with the housing industry, which slowly dissolved into affecting many other entities.

(3) As the crumbling began the stock market began to collapse from a record all-time high to the disaster we are now experiencing.

(4) The labor unions and taxes “on the rich” are what has driven the business owners to send jobs out of the country (Reference GM, Chrysler and Ford for union results).

(5) Check the record. The democrats took over control of congress several years ago, which just happens to coincide with the all-time high in the stock market, which has now fallen to the mere crumbs we are now experiencing.

You have to blame congress because the president, whether it be Bush, Obama or Roosevelt, can do only two things, veto a bill from congress or approve it.

As you can already see congress has the control of all laws, bills, etc.

Want more proof? Bush’s approval rating was 29 percent while the democrat-controlled congress’s approval was 16 percent.

Mr. D’Antignac included a statement about sending jobs out of the country for cheap labor and to fatten their pockets.

Unions, illegal aliens and taxes are what caused this but illegal aliens will work for much less because they don’t have to pay those outrageous union dues.

He also stated sending jobs out of the country and getting the cheap products back “to sell to us poor unemployed Americans.”

I wonder if he is really poor and unemployed. If he expects to move to Jefferson County he needs to bring his survival package with him because we are experiencing double digit unemployment and he may have to stand in line at the local food pantries, unemployment office, etc.

He is welcome because we current Jefferson Countians have always shared with those that are in need.

Robert Clements


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