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May 8, 2008 Issue

More than $100k raised at Relay
Candidates opposed in half of area elections
Teen shot at party in Wrens

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More than $100k raised at Relay

By Carol McLeod
Staff Writer

When Vicky McDonald, co-chair of this year’s Relay for Life in Jefferson County, announced the total amount of money raised, $105,699.86, one person in the audience did the math in her head and quickly said, “I’ll throw in 14 cents.”

The teams this year separately raised amounts from $25,383.25 by CJ’s Animals to $835.50 by Kingdom Life. Queensborough Bank, not an official team, donated $428.50.


First State Bank raised $18,120.72. Wrens Middle School raised $11,404.70. The Seekers raised $8,602.90. Jefferson Hospital raised $8,200. KaMin Chalkwalkers raised $7,600. Glit raised $6,085.25. Mount Horeb Baptist Church raised $5,865.75. Disciples for Life raised $5,279.99. Schoolhouse Rockers raised $4,652.10. The Heritage of Old Capitol raised $1,872.20. The PAC team raised $1,369.

“More money’s being collected and we’ll amend the totals at a later time,” McDonald said.

Any donations made through the end of July will be added to the total for the 2008 Relay. Contributions may be made to any of the teams or online at http://events.cancer.org/rfljeffersonco.

Donations received after July will be counted for next year, she said.

“The Wrens Police Department estimated that more than 1,800 people attended the Relay this year,” said Chris Dube, the other co-chair of the event.

“We had a great turn out and we appreciate the county’s support of the Relay for Life,” he said. “Thankfully we had great weather this year. As many are aware, the event has been rained on six out of the last eight years. With the amount of planning that goes into the event, it is always great when the weather cooperates so our survivors and guests can enjoy the event in its entirety. Of course, great weather also gives our teams the chance to raise additional funds through food sales and other Relay events.”

Dube said more than 800 luminaries were sold and were placed around the track. Each luminary was dedicated in honor of a survivor or in memory of someone who had lost the battle with cancer. These are then lit during a traditional ceremony.

“When you view the luminaries at night, it reminds you why so many people work so hard and dedicate their time in the fight against cancer,” Dube said.

There were 150 survivors who participated in the survivors’ lap, he said.

Recognition was given to CJ’s Animals for Most Money Raised by a Team, first place; First State Bank for Most Money Raised by a Team, second place and for Most Money Raised by a Bank; Wrens Middle School for Most Money Raised by a Team, third place, Most Money Raised by a School and Team Spirit; The Seekers for Best Campsite and Survivors Choice; Larry Avery for Individual Spirit and Chandler Smith as the Baby Stroller Parade Winner.

“We had a great Relay event this year,” Dube said. “With the state of the economy, rising fuel prices and the recent tornado, we were extremely happy to surpass our fundraising goal by more than $7,000. The Relay committee thanks our corporate sponsors, our survivors and our team captains. A special thanks goes out to everybody in Jefferson County who made a donation to the event. We are a community that takes up the fight.”

Candidates opposed in half of area elections

By Faye Ellison
Staff Writer

At the end of last week, citizens from both Glascock and Jefferson counties qualified for elected positions.

As many qualified under the same parties, many will face off against each other in the July 15 primaries. In positions where the candidates qualified in different parties, voters will cast their ballots for these seats in November.


Jefferson County

In Jefferson County the July 15 election will decide who wins with all of the candidates qualifying on the democratic ticket and none qualifying as republican.

Incumbents Tommy New qualified for District 4 Commissioner, along with L.W. Sherrod Jr. as well.

Johnny Davis, the incumbent, was the only candidate to qualify for Distirct 2 Commissioner.

Incumbent Commission Chairman William Rabun qualified for his seat again as well as former commissioner Gardner Hobbs.

For Coroner, incumbent Edward James qualified and former coroner Johnny Nelson.

Incumbent Quillian L. Bryant was the only candidate to qualify for Probate Judge, as well as incumbent Jenny Weeks Gordy for Tax Commissioner, incumbent Mickey Jones for Clerk of Court and incumbent Mickey Moses for Solicitor

Incumbent Gary Hutchins qualified for Sheriff, while Wrens Police Chief David Hannah also qualified.

Glascock County

In Glascock County, many citizens qualified for both political parties challenging the incumbents.

Incumbent Magistrate Judge Misty May qualified for the Probate/Magistrate Judge seat as republican, while incumbent Probate Judge Denise Dallas qualified for the seat too.

In the race for Glascock County Sheriff, four candidates including incumbent Dean Couch have qualified. Former sheriff Bryan Bopp and Couch both qualified as democrats, while former deputies J.J. Cooper and Steven Mathis qualified as republicans.

For the Glascock County Commission Gibson District seat, incumbent Jay Dixon Jr. qualified as a democrat and Mike Neal qualified as a republican.

In the Mitchell-Edgehill District Commission seat, J. Tyler Fowler, Trey Franks and incumbent Anthony Griswell all qualified on the democratic ticket.

In the Mill District for Commissioner, incumbent Johnny Crutchfield and Wayne Williford both qualified as democrats.

In the Glascock County Treasurer race, incumbent Audrey Chalker qualified as a democrat, as well as Judy Deal.

Seats that will be held on to for the next four years by democratic incumbents include Sharon Lyons as Tax Commissioner, Carla Stevens as Clerk of Superior Court, Connie Kitchens Jackson as Coroner and Donald Kent and Democratic Committee member.

Non-partisan races

Non-partisan offices may begin qualifying June 23 and go through noon on June 27.

In Jefferson County those seats will include: Magistrate Judge currently held by Murry Bowman, district 2 board of education member Charlie Brown’s seat and the district 4 board of education seat held by member Bobby Butts.

In Glascock County candidates may qualify with the Glascock County Probate Judge/Election Superintendent for nonpartisan offices.

Non-partisan seats up for election are those of board of education members John F. Raley, Michael Gilmer and James Moore.

Voters will go to the polls on July 15 to decide in several of these partisan races which candidate will fill the seat, but if a republican candidate and democratic candidate are running, the decision will be made on Nov. 4.

Teen shot at party in Wrens

By Carol McCleod
Staff Writer

A 17-year-old has been charged with aggravated assault in a shooting that occurred in Wrens on Saturday, May 3.

“I don’t know what sparked the incident or anything like that,” Wrens Police Chief David Hannah said in an interview on Tuesday. “The case is still under investigation at this time. My officer had the situation under control by the time other agencies arrived on the scene.”


Hannah said officers from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Glascock County Sheriff’s Office, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and even a ranger with the Department of Natural Resources responded to the call.

The chief was in Burke County on a large road check when the call came in.

“I had just left town,” he said.

On Saturday, May 3, at 11:34 p.m., there was a shooting in Wrens, according to Assistant Special Agent in Charge Pat Morgan.

The victim was Henry Williams, 18, of Wrens. The offender was identified as Kentrail LaFrank Boyd, 17, of Louisville.

“Right now, we’re showing that he was charged with aggravated assault,” Morgan said.

“Apparently, they were attending a party in Wrens where Boyd fired a weapon, a firearm, and struck Williams one time. I think it was not life threatening,” he said.

Morgan said the GBI had been requested by Chief Hannah to assist in the investigation along with Lt. Robert Chalker of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

Morgan said Boyd has also been charged with possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

The victim was transported to the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta and released, he said.

According to the incident report from the Wrens Police Department, Officer Claude Stevens Jr. stated that he was driving to the Squares Building on Quaker Road to assist the owner in clearing the parking lot of people who were having a party.

Stevens states in his report that he heard what sounded like a single gunshot.

“I observed a large group of individuals fleeing the area on foot and in various types of vehicles. An SUV type vehicle stopped at my driver’s side window and on asking what was occurring a black female stated that they were shooting people over there,” the report states.

Stevens asked where and was directed to the front parking lot of the building.

“I observed a large group of individuals running away from the building and then I observed a single black male running in a diagonal direction through the group of people, onto the roadway, then collapsing onto his back,” the report states.

Stevens said he drew his weapon and contacted the Wrens dispatcher, saying shots had been fired and giving his position.

“On speaking with the subject who was lying on the roadway, it appeared that he was having difficulty speaking but finally stated that he had just been shot,” Stevens said, adding that the subject pointed to his right side but Stevens could not locate a wound or blood.

Stevens said at this time, a large group of people began to surround him and he had to order everyone to back up and away from the victim.

The owner of the building helped him keep the crowd at bay, he said. “I then contacted dispatch requesting that an ambulance come to my location.”

He contacted another officer, James Ouzts, asking for his location. Ouzts said he was in the front of the building. Stevens said he looked up and could see flashing blue lights near a vehicle. Stevens said the crowd told him there were other people near the left side of the building who had guns. But at the time, Stevens said he could do nothing further.

“A Jefferson County deputy appeared on the scene next to me and I instructed him to stay with the victim while I went to assist Officer Ouzts,” Stevens said.

He said Ouzts had two black males out of the vehicle lying face down.

“I provided cover for him while Officer Ouzts placed these individuals in handcuffs. Officer Ouzts stated to me that these individuals were the suspects and that one of them was the shooter,” Stevens said.

At that time, another JCSO deputy arrived and Stevens requested he assist Ouzts while he, Stevens, went back to the victim.

He asked the victim where he had been shot and the victim pointed to his pelvis area.

“I observed that blood was soaking through his clothing and I started my examination,” Stevens said, adding he asked the victim if he could feel Stevens as he touched the victim’s right leg. The victim said he could not.

EMTs arrived on the scene and Stevens stated he observed a circular hole in the upper portion of the victim’s buttocks and a larger hole in the victim’s upper right pelvis.

Ouzts reported that he had found a pistol lying under the passenger side of the vehicle, described as a 1990 blue Chevrolet Caprice.

Chief Hannah said the pistol was a 9 mm. Additional charges against Boyd are pending, he said.

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