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January 31, 2008 Issue

County fills recreation position
Incestuous relationship leads to prison time
Wireless Internet and bird song...

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County fills recreation position

By Carol McLeod
Staff Writer

The Jefferson County Board of Commissioners has hired Julie Nevils as administrative director for the county’s recreation department. Hired last month, Nevils has been working with the county recreation department’s athletic director, Eugene Cunningham.

Cunningham said he is happy to have someone to help with the responsibilities of running the department.


“It’s nice to have someone,” he said. “I’m glad I got someone because I always needed someone. It’s a lot of weight off my shoulders.”

Cunningham said the addition of Nevils will allow him to concentrate on the athletic side of things.

“I can work with the kids better. I know Julie will be a big help,” he said.

“This is to complement Eugene Cunningham, who I feel is doing a great job as the athletic director,” said Paul Bryan, the county’s administrator.

“He works extremely well with the parents and children on existing programs,” Bryan said of Cunningham. “Julie will be responsible for enhancing the existing programs, developing new programs and will be the point of contact for the expansion of facilities on Ga. Hwy 17. She will be working to increase programs, expand our programs into more out-of-county events.”

Nevils said this is the first time she’s had a job like this.

“Before this, our family has a hunting plantation (in Jefferson County) and a taxidermy business (in Richmond County). I did the accounting and marketing of those two businesses,” she said.

“I’ve just been trying to get a little more involved in the community since we moved here,” Nevils said, adding this is her family’s fourth year in the area.

Nevils and her husband, Trey, have two children. Their daughter, Carlie, is a freshman in high school and their son, Dalton, is a second grader.

“As my children got older I had a little more time on my hands,” she said.

Carlie was already active in county recreation, Nevils said, adding the whole family has been active in county recreation since they moved here.

“Right now, I’m getting ready to apply for a grant for our gym that we want to build at the current park on Hwy 17,” she said. “We’re working on improving the existing facility as well.”

In order to apply for this grant, Nevils said she will be conducting a survey throughout the community to determine how local people use the various recreation facilities.

“I’m enjoying working with Eugene Cunningham. He’s helping me understand the day-to-day operations of the rec department. I look forward to interacting with more members of the community as our recreation department grows,” she said.

Incestuous relationship leads to prison time

By Carol McLeod
Staff Writer

A man and woman previously charged with incest now face time behind bars for violating a condition of their probation.

On Friday, Jan. 18, Superior Court Judge Robert Reeves sentenced Harrison Thomas Story Jr., 65, to serve the balance of his probation, four years and 13 days, at a state facility. Jacqueline Story Williams, 37, Story’s adult daughter, was sentenced to serve 90 to 120 days at a Probation Detention Center.


A special condition of their probation was for neither to have contact with the other. They were found to be in each other’s company at Story’s residence in Jenkins County on Dec. 16, 2007, according to court records.

Both were living in the Moxley area at the time of their original arrest in 2005, when they were each charged with one count of incest. At that time, investigators stated the pair’s sexual relationship began when Williams was 27, eight years earlier. Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office began an investigation after being alerted by the Department of Family and Children Services in April of 2005.

Investigators said at the time that incest is a rare charge, especially between two consenting adults. Normally it involves an underage victim and molestation, they said.

Prosecutors pursued a case against the two regardless of the individuals’ ages or the fact that the relationship was consensual.

“It is a felony crime,” Hayward Altman, senior assistant district attorney, said at the time. “Once we became aware of it, we had no choice but to prosecute.”

Williams told investigators in 2005 that her father never molested her as a child or teenager and that nothing occurred between the two of them until she was 25, when they began what investigators described as “flirting.”

Both admitted in separate interviews to having sexual intercourse, investigators said at the time of the initial investigation. Story said the two engaged in the activity about 10 times; while, Williams said it could have been as many as 50 over the years.

“She did not get her entire sentence revoked; he did,” Altman said of the probation revocation. “When she gets out, she will still have the balance of her original probation sentence to serve on probation. When he gets out, whatever length of time he has left will be on parole, if he gets out early.”

Wireless Internet and bird song...

Jefferson Energy Cooperative, the City of Louisville and the Jefferson County Board of Education have partnered in providing a new wireless Internet service to the public at the Helen Clark Memorial Park. The service, now available, provides for as many as 18 simultaneous wireless links in the Louisville park 24-hours per day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

For a more complete story on this new service, see page 9A.


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