• “I saw him crossing the lane. I thought he was going to hit me,” said one man who witnessed a vehicle speeding down Peachtree Street in Louisville Wednesday, July 19. 
    Willie Bell, a sergeant at the Jefferson County jail, said he was on his way to take his trash to a dumpster when he saw the 2004 Honda Pilot being driven by a man later identified as Marcus Rodriquez Brown, 32, of Keysville traveling at a high rate of speed cross the road in front of him. 
    Bell said he did not call 911; because, the police were right behind Honda vehicle.


For 200 years Ways Baptist Church has stood on a grassy hill above Brushy Creek in northeast Jefferson County and served as a doorway between the hard-worked row crops of rural Stellaville and a glittering heavenly reward. 
Older than the scattered nearby homes and even the trees that shade them, Ways Baptist was organized in 1817 by Revolutionary War veterans and the sons of the men who fought alongside them.