• At the end of a long rutted trail through hilly pine woods sits a classroom no child has ever dreaded.
    Instead of paper airplanes, dragonflies dart. Lessons involve the art of the cast and how to avoid sharp fins. There is no need for pencils, no. 2 or otherwise, and an aced test gets stored in a five gallon bucket.
    For 20 years Henry Olin Mathis has opened his private pond to the children of Glascock County and the last week of school means elementary students line the banks learning how to fish.


In the morning light of Saturday, May 14, 21 jeeps came into Bartow, the hometown of Roy Evans who pioneered and manufactured the jeep for the U.S. Army.
Most of the jeeps that day carried one or two other people besides the driver. The jeep enthusiasts visited Bartow Museum and Midnight Run and had lunch in the city’s park.
One of the drivers said the group, CSRA JOA, is very family oriented.
The members meet once a week for a social gathering and travel together once a month, he said.


Dear Editor:
How important it is to join the S.C.L.C.?
The Southern Christian Leadership Conference is one of the oldest civil rights organizations still in existence today.  I urge everyone to come out of their comfort zones and join this great organization which has been a strong hold for civil rights for all people for decades.  Before making judgement, I ask that you at least come out and learn about the organization and its members and find out what it is all about.