• If you’re a farmer, you’ve probably worked on and around grain bins, those huge round steel buildings seen on almost every farm.
    There was a time when falling into one of those was a death sentence. The pressure of the grain pushes on you; and, if someone tries to rescue you, they may fall in, too. 
    The grain is pushing against you, trying to get into every nook and cranny, even your nose. When that happens, a person automatically opens his mouth; and, that fills with grain, too. You will not be able to breathe.


As a child, Terri Sheppard Dawson hid among the ferns and splashed in the crystal waters that flowed in the shadows of the former hotel at Omaha Springs near Avera. A native of Wrens, she visited it with her grandparents.
“It might have been an old rundown place in the woods to some people back then, but to a lot of us it was magic,” Dawson said. 


Dear Editor:
In September, the Jefferson County Leisure Center focused on a theme each week.  The clients celebrated Finance Week, Let’s Travel Week, Last Week of Summer Fun, and Fitness Fun Week.  Each week was filled with special activities.