• As of last week, Gibson has a hole in it shaped like a smile.
    Larry Mitts’ smile was unique, but it wasn’t his alone. He shared it with everyone, whether he had known them his whole life or had yet to make their acquaintance. 
    “I don’t think his family really knew the impact that Larry had on this town,” said Gibson City Clerk Brandi Pritchett after wiping tears from her eyes. “They knew that everybody knew Larry, but I don’t think they realized the love and support he had. He was ours. That was our Larry.”


“I love the small town atmosphere and Wrens is a wonderful community to be a part of,” Carson Fellows, new pastor at Wrens Baptist Church, said.
“My first Sunday at Wrens Baptist was April 24th and we are excited to be here,” he said. 
Carson has been preaching for about 15 years, but Wrens Baptist Church is the first church where he is the Senior Pastor. 
“I have done student ministry pretty much my whole life, but I am excited about being senior pastor at Wrens Baptist.”


In the days following the death of Larry Mitts, a number of local residents have said that they feel a void, that something is missing in Gibson, and that there is no way to fill it.
“I didn’t know how he had impacted my life until now,” Gibson City Clerk Brandi Pritchett said. “Now I know just how special a smile and a ‘hey, how are ya,’ are. It should be that way with everybody. It makes you wonder why isn’t everybody doing it.”