• The Annual Wrens Chapel AME Church Community Back to School Event was held Saturday, July 25, from 9 a.m. to noon. There was live gospel music, as well as speakers, free school supplies and refreshments. The event provided about 35 local children with folders, binders, backpacks and other supplies.


Sam Creech remembers the special education classes that were little more than “a step up from day care,” where he could only use a card to answer yes or no and there was little interest in helping him learn. Now with three degrees and working on a master’s in education while holding down a full-time job, he can point to the thing that started to make it possible for him.

“All of this came about through the passage of the ADA,” Creech said.


Dear Editor:

This is a tribute to our friends and brother-in-Christ, Matthew Good. This is dedicated to his loved ones.


Because God Cares

He never gives us more than we can bare.

Our Lord and Savior gave us Brother Matthew, an angel we could all share.

Jesus promised, in Heaven, we also might get there.

Christ warned us Satan is the enemy, we should be aware!

The Lord’s precious child was here with us for only a little while.

Brother Matthew touched hearts and made many smile.