• Jefferson County commissioners voted Monday morning on a plan to save Jefferson Hospital and put its requested tax increase before voters. 
    “We’ve had a lot of discussion about this over the last week and a half,” said County Administrator Adam Mestres. “We sat down with Steve (Widener, hospital administrator) and the hospital team to try to come up with something that is palatable for this board, to meet the hospital’s needs and most importantly to meet the needs of this community.”


Brad Cunningham cannot quite put his finger on just what it is that first drew him to organ music.
In part it was the range of sounds, the sheer vibrating power as well as the low tones that purr like a kitten. But it was also the range of knobs, buttons, keys, lights, pedals that require an organist’s whole body to draw out those resonating sounds.


Dear Editor;
I am asking all churches, all Godly people, all concern citizens and all friends to contribute  to Sgt. Mike Patton Burial Fund,  Sgt. Patton was one of our own, Sgt. Patton serve his, our county for more than thirty years faithfully. 
Cancer is a silent killer, noone wants it, we are never prepared for it, most of the time when it is diagnosed, it already at stage three or more. I know, l just recently lost My Godly Uncle to stage four cancer. We love you Pastor Nelson/ Family.