• Monday morning when no trucks full of rides or unspun cotton candy pulled into the Louisville Lions Club fairgrounds, organizers began to get worried. 
     “Yesterday was their setup day,” said Michael Howard, a Lion who has worked to organize their annual fair for the last several years. “So I went over to Sandersville and the folks who were still there were packing up to head to Florida. That’s what we’re stuck with.”


Glascock County Sheriff Jeremy Kelley’s 4-year-old daughter, Emma Faith, stands under the flag and flagpole dedication held by Woodmen Life Lodge 982 at the Sheriff’s Office recently. “Woodman strives to promote family, community and country,” Woodmen Life representative Wanda Davis said. “They recently relocated to a new building and they needed a flagpole and a flag and Woodmen wanted to make sure that that happened.” Sheriff Kelley said that his office considered it an honor to receive the pole and flag because of what it represents. “A flag is not a piece of cloth,” he said.


This month is when we have Red Ribbon Week, a time set aside for alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and violence prevention awareness. The campaign is observed in the United States every year in October.
Red Ribbon Week began after the kidnapping, brutal torture and murder of a DEA agent, Enrique “Kiki” Camarena in 1985. After the bodies of Camarena and his pilot, Alfredo Zavala-Avelar, were found, citizens in Camarena’s hometown of Calexico, Calif., donned red ribbons in Camarena’s honor.